Thursday, 12 January 2012

As it Stands: Championship Playoffs Semi Finals

After last week’s divisional round which a fair bit of controversy with our viewers, we now find ourselves at the semi finals of the Championship Playoffs.

UWE Bullets  @ Hallam Warriors 
The Hallam defence were once again in dominating form (here shown against Leeds Celtics)
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In the semi final that no one predicted to happen we find the UWE Bullets making the 173 mile journey (one way!!!) from Bristol to Sheffield to take on the Hallam Warriors.

Despite the long journey up north the Bullets showed no signs of fatigue in the first quarter as they managed to keep the Warriors double wing in check on the Warriors first two drives. Despite gaining good yardage Hallam were unable to find their way into the endzone. A Chris Webber pass was knocked down on 4th and 7 on the UWE thirteen and that was the closest the Warriors came to scoring in the first quarter.

Fortunately for the Hallam offence their teammates on the other side of the ball were more than up to the task of keeping the Bullets offence, once again led by rookie QB J.J. Davies, at bay and forcing two three and outs on the first three UWE series alone.

Both teams’ fortunes changed in the second quarter as Hallam FB Richard Griffiths managed to muscle his way into the endzone from two yards out to give the Warriors an 8-0 lead after the successful two point conversion. Hallam were the next team to score again after a good punt return set up a twenty three yard rushing touchdown for MVP favourite Danny Pyle ,but the Warriors failed on the two point attempt.

BUAFL 2012/2013 Possible Playoff Permutations

Since the news of the new re-alignment has been released we at Dbl Coverage have the time trying to work out how next year’s playoffs will work with seven conferences. First off, what does Jim Mora think of the situation?

Currently the top two teams in each conference make it through to the championship playoffs and the next two teams make it into the Challenge Cup playoffs. This means we have twelve teams in the post season with the top four teams (two north and two south) earning first round byes, leaving four teams to take part in Wild Card weekend.

Bear with us while we try and explain our two theories:

Sticking with the top two teams qualifying for the playoffs from the seven conferences means we will have fourteen teams in the post season. Therefore if the top two teams (1 north and 1 south) earn a first round bye we are left over with twelve teams. Six games in wildcard weekend will produce six winners advancing onto the next round where they will join the two teams who were on a bye. With eight teams now back in the playoffs we have reached the quarter finals and the playoff will continue as usual.

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