Friday, 9 December 2011

BUAFL Predictions pt 2 (SWAC, SEC, TVC)


Bath Killer Bees @ Cardiff Cobras
This game will give us a clear idea of who will be making the Champ playoffs in the SWAC next to UWE this season. Normally this game has been easily won by Cardiff, but Bath have improved and will be pushing Cardiff all the way.
This will be a season defining game for Bath as a loss here could see them fall down the table and struggle against Plymouth and Exeter.
Cardiff win by 14

BUAFL Game of the week Derby Braves @ Loughborough Aces

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A return of the Game of the Week (sadly just before the Christmas Break) after a short sabbatical following the release of the BAFANL re alignment, which pretty much took up all our time!

we pick up where we left off in the MAC, with a top of the table clash between the high flying Loughborough Aces and the hard done by Derby Braves.

Having started the season well with big wins over Staffs and DMU, as well as a tough game against the NTU Renegades Derby were part of what will be considered one of the more controversial games of the season. With an injury to a Nottingham player in the 3rd quarter the game had to be stopped to allow the ambulance to return. Over an hour later and the game was called with no ambulance in sight, the victory awarded to the Outlaws who held a 9-7 lead.

What’s in an APPG?

Written by Jonathan Farrow

Despite the event itself being attended by NFL Chairmen and cheerleaders, there was surprisingly little made of the new All Party Parliamentary Group for American Football, that had its inaugural meeting two months ago. A short press release was seemingly all that surfaced from BAFA. A shame, because the APPG could represent a new willingness to change and improve the state of American Football in the UK.

Indeed, the aims stated by Richard Fuller MP (no relation to Andy, I think...) in his speech as Chairman of the APPG was to increase official recognition of the sport, develop participation at a grassroots level, aid British players to reach their full potential and to pave the way for an NFL franchise to be established in the UK based team. This last statement, I imagine, will probably be met with a fair amount of groaning from the community as a whole. I’m not going to pontificate on the arguments here, but an NFL franchise would seem to be the very antithesis of the “bottom-up” method of increasing participation that has seen such success in recent years, and pooling our efforts into such an endeavour would appear to be counter-productive to this.

NFL: Daily 12 Pack

A little tweak on the daily digest. Instead of bombarding you with all the enws from last night, I'm changing it up to the 12 most relevant stories from the NFL. So without further ado...

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