Thursday, 17 November 2011

NFL Week 11 Predictions

A poor week for predictions by my usual standards, a few shock victories didn’t help, but I’m hoping to improve this week.

Last week’s record = 10-6

Overall record = 19-11

Thursday Night Football

NY Jets @ DEN Broncos
For two straight weeks I’ve predicted Tim Tebow to lead the Broncos to a victory and he has. The Jets defence is at its best when all of the DBs can shut down the opposing teams receivers, but with the Broncos offence no longer passing as often it will be interesting to see if the Jets can stop the Broncos rushing attack.

After their loss to the Patriots, the Jets really need a win if they want to stay in the hunt for the AFC East.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We’re keeping the faith with Tim Tebow, Broncos to win by 6. 

6PM GMT Games 

CIN Bengals @ BAL Ravens
Oh Baltimore, one week you’re beating the Steelers the next you’re losing to the Seahawks! This week the 6-3 Ravens face the 6-3 Bengals to try and gain an advantage as they head towards the playoffs.

If A.J.Green is fully fit for this game then the Bengals offence should continue to click and could pose a problem for the Ravens D, but we think the strong defence will put too much pressure on Dalton and Co.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Ravens to win by 10. 

JAC Jaguars @ CLE Browns
Two of the worst teams in the AFC Jags and Browns get the opportunity to face each other in this battle for a 4-6 record (the loser will end up on 3-7). With Jacksonville scoring 10 touchdowns so far and the Browns only scoring 12, don’t expect a high scoring affair.

Hopefully if the Browns kicker gets a chance to win the game again, he won’t shank it into the fans…

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We’re going to say Jags to win by 7 

BUAFL Week 3 Predictions

Border Conference

Glasgow Tigers @ UWS Pyros
Granted, the Pyros were playing the Clansmen last week who are on excellent form, but the Pyros are still 0-1 and yet to score a point this season. The Tigers haven’t got off to the best start at 1-1 but with the 50-0 win they had over the Pyros last season, things look good for the Tigers this week.
Tigers to win.

Teeside Cougars @ Durham Saints
Neither team have won a game this season, however Durham got off to a better start since Teeside lost their first game 84-0. Look for Teeside to bounce back this week and try to make this a close game.
Teeside to win.

Newcastle Raiders @ Sunderland Spartans
The Spartans have had a good start to the season and are also playing at home, but there’s no overlooking the difference in these two teams with Newcastle easily within the top ten teams in the BUAFL.The Raiders haven’t given up a point this season and the Spartans will do well to break that streak.
Raiders by a lot

Edinburgh Predators @ Stirling Clansmen
Similar situation to the Raiders and Spartans; the Predators have got off to a good start but the Clansmen should take this easily.
Clansmen by a lot.

Northern Conference

Lancaster Bombers @ Sheffield Hallam Warriors
The Warriors are the comfortable favourites going into this matcharguably as one of the strongest teams in the league. The Warriors looked strong last week, not conceding and putting up 58 against Leeds who should’ve put up more of a fight. The Bombers have had a poor start to the season at 0-2 and will struggle this week as well.
Warriors to win.

York Centurions @ Sheffield Sabres
After Sheffield’s tight win over the Hawks at the end of last season, it was surprising to see them win 50-0 last week. They have come out strong this season with York having less convincing wins.
Sabres to win.

Bradford Bears @ MMU Eagles
Both teams are in their first season of BUAFL. With Bradford at 1-1 and having got points on the board against the Sharks last week, they look the better of the two teams.
Bears to win.

Bangor MudDogs @ Manchester Tyrants
After their winless season, Bangor have come out strong this season with two wins off the bat. The Tyrants have struggled in their first two games so it looks good for Bangor.
Bangor to win.

Liverpool Fury @ Leeds Carnegie
New-boys Fury will really struggle this week coming off their bye. Leeds are an established team and Liverpool just don’t have the experience yet.
Leeds to win.

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