Tuesday, 18 June 2013

SBC Wildcard Preview: Eoin Cunningham of UCD

    All this week we're bringing you some special edition interviews from the Shamrock Bowl Conference ahead of the Wildcard Playoff matches this coming Sunday. First up Double Coverage (DC) caught up with University College Dublin's Head Coach, Eoin Cunningham (EC):

    The University "Colours" Derby between UCD (blue) and TCD (red) - photo by Ash O'Flanagan (ashoflanagan.tumblr.com)

Meath Bulldogs 12 @ Waterford Wolves 20 – RSC Waterford 16.06.13

by Greg Barrett

The Wolves V The Bulldogs, the game was made for clichés, “It was a dog fight”, “battle of the bark” or “Clash of the Canines”, but there was only one cliché that stood truest among all the rest – Defensive penalties cost games. This is of course not to take anything away from both teams who, in horrendous conditions went out and true to the games hype and clichés went for the jugular.

The game began with Waterfords defence taking to the field for the first series of plays; the Bulldogs (after going for it on fourth down) only got the first down due to a defensive penalty. Time for Waterfords newly revitalised offence to take the field against the third best defence in IAFL D1. The offence led by #37 Aaron Walsh started to test the Meath defensive line using their running attacks to pull the defence first left and then right and then right up the middle. But Meath stood firm. This continued for the first quarter with the only notable point being a 15 yard pass from Bulldogs quarterback #7 Eddie McMahon connecting with his receiver.

Wolves Defence hit the back field chasing down #7 Eddie McMahon

Arizona Wildcats new coaching staff

This is the kind of video that can sometimes get you major recruitment kudos. This one however, won't...

Bobcats win first BACL Bowl

The last time these two teams faced off was back in week 6 when the Gators were without Quarterback Tom Clancy, RB/LB Zack Skuse to name a couple. The Bobcats were also without one of their difference makers in Week 6 in the form of Offensive Tackle Orlando Victor who showed how much impact he can have on a game in the semi-final route of the Cowboys.
The Bobcats came firing out of the gates going 3 scores up inside the first half. Holloway opened the scoring with a powerful run before S.Kosteletos chipped in with one rushing and one receiving touchdown (thrown by Bleakman). Clancy pulled a rushing touchdown back before halftime to give the Gators hope heading into the second half trailing 21-7.
The Second half went no better for the Gators as the Bobcats scored on their first possession when Bleakman found Holloway down the field for his second score and Bleakman’s second passing score. The Gators answered when Platts ripped off a long touchdown run to bring it back within two scores. This was as close as they got though as the Bobcats power run game took over and Trudgian rumbled in for two scores of his own to close out the game for the Bobcats and crown them the first ever BACL Champions.
Special Guest Coach Robert Orr, from Stirling University, chose the Bobcats Quarterback Bleakman as the BACL Bowl MVP for his two passing Touchdown performance and over fifty yards rushing. Special mention was given to Gators Runningback / Linebacker Liam Platts who had a terrific game in a losing effort.

Birmingham Bulls - Coventry Jets Game Report

by Rob Amor

The Bulls faced Coventry Jets for the first time since 2008, with the club having never beaten their local rivals.

Both teams were on losing streaks following opening game successes (Bulls losing 3 and the Jets losing 4 in a row respectively), and one team would be putting an end to the poor form.

After receiving the opening kick-off, the Bulls offense suffered a short drive before punting in to Jets territory. Former Bulls Youth player, Fraser Oliver, led his offense on to the field and Coventry immediately opened the scoring.

A deep pass down the right sideline from quarterback Oliver saw the Jets receiver (Noach Ben-Haim) beat defensive back Jack Pemberton and run the ball in to the end zone for an approximate 50 yard score. With the PAT successful, the Jets were 7-0 up early.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "22"

Following on from the popular "Call Me Maybe", the Dolphins Cheerleaders find something productive to do. Well, it's not like they're going to be cheering many wins this year...

Pirates win on the road against Lancashire

Lancashire Wolverines 7 - East Kilbride Pirates 39

The Pirates continued a strong start to the season with a win on the road against a disciplined Lancashire Wolverines team.

The visitors started strongly, putting together a four play drive that resulted in the first score of the day, with running back Iain Dick taking the ball over the goal line. Mark Murphy converted, giving the Pirates a 7-0 lead early in the game.

The visiting defense held the Wolverines to a 3-and-out, which was very much the theme of the day as the Pirates, despite having a few starters missing, asserted their will on the home team and minimised their threat for much of the game.

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