Friday, 27 January 2012

Dbl Coverage Interviews: Russ Hewitt - Current BUAFL Championship HC and head of BAFCA

We sat down with the current Head Coach of the BUAFL champion Portsmouth Destroyers Russ Hewitt to talk about his coaching philosophy, how he feels about the multi tier debate and if his Destroyers compare with the other team he coaches with, the London Warriors.

DBL: How is this season shaping up compared to last year?

The University season, is so much fun... you have to be so organised, to not waste a second of Practice time. I have to say my staff, put so much time in over the summer, to ensure we are efficient come August.

The difference in this year and the past years is based around the history of the Programme!
It’s been well publicised that we went from zero to National Champs in 5 years, so last year motivation was based around what we call ‘Football Nightmares’

The Hurt of losses, or injury, or simply under achieving.... just one growing pain after another ... anyone of those ‘Football Nightmares’ would give you a desire to put in extra work, to correct the wrongs!

Our last regular season losses was a heart breaking 3-0 loss to Solent Uni  (Away in Dec 2009) which turned out to be conference decider. Then our last home loss was also 3-0 the previous season (to Brighton – Jan 2009). That result dropped us to 4-3 after a 4-1 start... and technically closed the Playoff door, in our third season.

This year, we have a different breed of Athlete than previous recruitment classes... still the same raw rookies every other team gets, but individuals that really want to represent the University and continue the work we have put in, to become a Champion.


BUAFL Week 7 Predictions

Football is well and truly back!

After last weekends (slightly uninspiring domination) game we are back to a slightly fuller schedule.

Our Facebook page has really picked up in popularity in the last few days and we have really been pushing more content through there. If you're not following us, you're missing out!


UWS Pyros @ Sunderland Spartans
The .500 Spartans take on the UWS Pyros, who can't seem to buy a win. The Pyros really need to improve if they aren't going to be the divisions whipping boys again.

Sunderland will be looking up in hope that one of the big four sitting in the play-off spots slips up to give them a shot at the post season.
Sunderland to win by four scores

EN Knights @ Edinburgh Predators
A big rivalry game in the second city of Scotland which has the added importance of deciding the direction of each teams seasons. Win and there is still hope of the play-off's, lose and you are playing for glory.

The Knights have already had to face Glasgow and Stirling and been found wanting, while the Preds have failed to capitalise on the early shock win over Glasgow.
Preds to win by a score

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