Wednesday, 5 December 2012

BAFA Uni Football Week Five Power Rankings

Just like the Powerless Rankings, we’ve reached the penultimate top 25 Power Rankings of 2012, but that’s not to say that we won’t do a full, league wide Power Ranking during the Christmas break (100% guarantee that will happen). Now, before you read on with the article, make sure your articles are all sorted, and all of your Christmas presents are purchased. We don’t want to be the reason for you to mess up!

Before we begin the rankings, we want to give a round of applause to the Lincoln Colonials coaching staff who made the team aware that they would be leaving, but remained with the team until their winter break to make sure the team wasn’t in disarray. We wish the team and Coaches Alex Robson and Warwick Grosvenor all the best in the future.

Now, onto the list!

BAFA Uni Football Week Five Powerless Rankings

We've reached the penultimate powerless rankings of the 2012 portion of the season, and all we can say is wow, this season sure has flown by so far. Before we know it, we’ll be at the John Charles not cheering on any of the teams on this list as they’re all but out of the playoff races this season.

Only one person on the dishonorable mentions list this week, and that honour goes to...

Grounds men around the league – When the pitch is flooded, I can understand why that game is called off, but never in my life, have I heard of a game being postponed on an all weather pitch due to it being frozen! The all weather part of the title suggests that the pitch is fine to be used, but no, the grounds men decide to call it off, meaning teams miss out on fixtures this weekend. Grounds men around the league – sort it out!

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