Friday, 2 December 2011

BUAFL Week 5 Predictions

Borders Conference

Edinburgh Predators vs EN Knights
The battle of the Burgh! Two teams struggling to pick up the scraps from the Borders Big 3 (™ Dbl Coverage). The Napier Knights (how do Napier knight differ from regular knights?) won last year and we’re going with that again this year.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: EN Knights to win by 14

UWS Pyros vs Stirling Clansmen
 Stirling get to take out their frustrations from last week loss on the bottom feeders of the Border conference. Not much hope here for UWS and the only way they could keep the score under 40 is by not turning up.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Stirling by 50

Newcastle Raiders vs Durham Saints
Sitting pretty at the top of the Borders conference, Newcastle are looking good for another run into the Championship playoffs. Durham are another of those teams that just make up numbers and can expect to be thumped this week.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Newcastle by20

Teesside Cougars vs Northumbria Mustangs
Northumbria are in pole position to grab the last of the 4 playoffs spots in the Border conference and will be looking to maintain their run. Teeside are struggling again this year, leaking points faster than a companies stock rating.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Northumbria to win by 10

Northern Conference

UH Sharks vs Hallam Warriors
The first real challenge for the Warriors this season, but I don’t expect them to struggle much. Worth pointing out that they don’t just run double wing. Hull have been on a good run of form, but I don’t think they will have the strength to compete in this game.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Warriors by 30

Leeds Carnegie vs Bradford Bears
Yet another battle between teams aiming for the final playoff spot in a tough conference. Both teams need the win to keep pace with a surprising Bangor squad and the soon to lose Sharks.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Leeds by 7

BAFANL Re-Alignment Winners and Losers

Since we exclusively broke the news of the BAFANL re-alignment, we at Dbl Coverage have been discussing the after effects felt all around the country. We decided to release an article covering who we think were the main winners and losers of the new re-alignment.

Courtesy of AJW Photography

East Kilbride – If you asked most people around Britball who the main winners of this re-alignment were, the most likely answer you would get would be one of the promoted division two teams who didn’t make it to the final, however, this is not the case. Without doubt the best team to benefit from this latest shake up is the East Kilbride Pirates. Having played against EKP in the playoffs, I can safely say that they deserve to be in the Premiership next year.

The problem for EKP was if the league stuck with a six team premiership or changed to an eleven team league, East Kilbride would have to travel to Bristol, Farnham and London more than once which makes travel costs pretty hefty.

With this new re-alignment EKP only have to travel to Yorkshire, Doncaster, Leicester and the West Midlands twice resulting in cheaper travel costs and some would say, an easier route to the final.

I’m not saying this was the main reason for a Northern and Southern Premiership, but it sure does look that way.

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