Friday, 2 December 2011

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

The morning after the Bird Derby on TNF and we are straight into it!

Eagles are stuffed by Seahawks (Fantasy Tip Riley Cooper had 94 yards on the day). Is it really time for Andy Reid to go?

Eagles also suffer more injury woes to a team that is in a serious tailspin

Peyton Manning might be able to play again after all, but will he end up being mentor to Andrew Luck?

After saying they wouldn't, the Dolphins Waive Sage Rosenfail anyway. Expect the Texans to make a claim.

Another QB that won't be making an apperance in Houston any time soon is Donovan McNabb, who the Vikings are looking at waiving 

The suddenly surging Dolphins see the return of Sean Bean lookalike kicker Dan Carpenter

Another NFL star is arrested on gun charges. Seriously, with all the money couldn't they get someone else to carry the gun for them?

A severe case of the ankles has broken out in St Louis as Sam Bradford and Chris Long miss practice due to ankle injuries.

Cardinals QB Kevin Colb is expected to be back to take a beating from Demarcus Ware against the Cowboys.

Matt Stafford has thrown the gloves down (or more likely, just put them down in his locker) and feels that his hand is better.

Bengals have tried out 8 new players, none of which will excite their fan base.

Ben Roethlisberger is ignoring any out of division rookie and is claiming Andy Dalton should be rookie of the year (for the record, I agree)

The Jets are also trying out anyone with a pulse to try and re ignite their season.

Finally, Matt Barkley has filed papers asking the NFL where they think he will be drafted next year.

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  1. "Is it really time for Andy Reid to go?". D@mn right it is! Way overdue in fact, the Eagles have underachieved for years. People can talk all they like about a winning record and multiple playoff appearances, but one Superbowl game is simply not good enough for a city like Philly. The fans deserve better.


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