Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Double Coverage teams up with School of the Legends

Double Coverage is pleased to announce its new partnership with online training source School of the Legends.

SOTL is an online based resource for players of all levels and age ranges to go online and get streamed online content to help them improve their basic football fundamentals.

Whether you are a high school player or an NFL superstar the basic football fundamentals are the same throughout, with many NFL teams running drills that would be familiar to ones you might see at your team’s practices.

SOTL offers online classes broken down by position; each clinic is presented by an NFL player. It is broken down into anywhere between 5-8 classes that teach different aspects of that position.

For example Tony Gonzalez teaches the intricacies of the tight end position, breaking down the classes into stance, run blocking, pass blocking etc.

Maurice Jones-Drew takes you through RB basics with Stance, footwork, pass protection and open field moves.
Defensively Darren Sharper helps safeties improve their pass defence, run defence, and blitz packages.

Over the coming weeks SOTL will be giving Double Coverage readers some pro-tips each week from a specific position. This will give our readers a snap shot of the classes on offer.

Have a look at what's on offer from their promo video on YouTube:

We have also secure a special discount of 10% off any class using a special redeemable code:


SOTL and Double Coverage will be working together in the coming months to promote SOTL’s new training scheme for more advanced players, filmed at Football University camp in Williamsburg, VA and Nashville, Tennessee. The new series sees multiple camera angles, slow motion replay and different age range players, from high school, NCAA and NFL alongside a coach. This new series is set for release in early 2013.

American Footballers as Rugby Union players

While carrying out my usual early morning Facebook perusal I came across an interesting angle on an old argument.

Who would you take from the NFL to make up a Rugby Union starting 15?

Often the Rugby vs American football debate focuses on the fact that American Footballers wear pads and rugby players don’t, but I thought it was interesting to compare the athletic ability of NFL players with players in comparable positions in a Rugby Union team.

Now obviously this debate needs some caveats attached. We presume that the Americans will be able to practice tackling with their head the other side of the ball so they don’t die and get an opportunity to work on their anaerobic energy systems so they aren't puffed out by the 15 minute mark.

Also someone is going to have to learn to kick a little (I could just play Ben Graham, the Lions punter, at Fly half. He played Aussie rules football originally), either that or we’ll take a scrum for penalties and enjoy the sight of a 350lb Nose Tackle try and kick a conversion.

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