Saturday, 4 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions Rivalry Special: TVC

Portsmouth Destroyers @ Solent Redhawks
Portsmouth have shown the same form as their dominating championship season last year, with a bruising offence that grinds opposing defence into dust and eats up the clock and a defence that ranks as one of the best in teh BUAFL. It doesn't look like anyone will be putting up a challenge for head coach Russ Hewitt and company until the last game of the season against the rejuvenated Stags, which will most likely decide who top the TVC.

On the flipside Solent have had a season to forget. After a superb season last year where they blazed into the challenge trophy they have simply failed to kick on in one of the tougher divisions. A big loss to the stags could have been expected, but the losses to Reading and OBU both came as a surprise and they only just beat Brunel in a close game.

This game would have been much harder to call last year (even though it did end up a 22-0 shut out to Pompey) when Solent looked like they could put up a real fight, but this years cross river rivalry looks a little easier to predict.
Destroyers by three scores

Imperial Immortals @ OBU Panthers
The battle for the post season starts to heat up in the second half of the season as both these teams sit at 3-1 behind the imperious Stags and Destroyers and will look to solidify their post season claims early. OBU depend on a strong running game led by Running back Jay Smith-Fraser and a ncie little pop pass to the TE to mvoe their offence down the field.

Imperial also have a strong running game with Tino Millar toting the rock for the wannabe Stormtroopers. Their 3-5 defence has been beset by injuries recently, so they may struggle to stop the OBU run game and if you can't stop the run in this division you will be in trouble!
OBU to win by 2 scores

Apologies for the shortness of the Borders predictions, however we have no Borders writers on our staff at the moment! This shouldn't be a big problem this weekend as the appaling weather in the UK will probably see a majority of these games called off.

Edinburgh Predators @ EN Knights
EN Knights by 1 score

Glasgow Tigers @ UWS Pyros
Glasgow by 4 scores

Northumbria Mustangs @ Durham Saints
Northumbria by 3 scores

Sunderland Spartans @ Newcastle Raiders
Newcastle by 6 scores

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  1. I think portsmouth solent will be closer, its a rivalry match and both teams are really gonna go for it.

  2. Solent sounded as if they did well last week, could be tighter!

  3. Oh contrare, mon frere, solent win!

  4. loved chuckling at your redhawks-destroyers prediction..hahaha


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