Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BUAFL Week Eight Power Rankings – 1-15 Rankings

Part two of our rankings sees a HUGE slide for a team many considered to be a team who could remain once again, as well as a jump for a rookie team earning minimal respect in a tough division.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0)
Could this be the last time we see the Canes top of our Power Rankings? This weekend Hertfordshire restart their season with an away trip to the number eight team in our power rankings – the Kent Falcons. With plenty of time to prepare for this matchup, we would be surprised if Herts aren't still unbeaten this time next week.

2. Birmingham Lions (5-0)
Just like Hertfordshire, the Lions have had plenty of time to prepare for their matchup taking place this weekend. Birmingham will be travelling to the Derby Braves in another top 25 battle. A victory for the Lions would provide plenty of momentum heading into the huge rivalry clash against the Loughborough Aces in twelve days time.

3. Loughborough Aces (5-0)
The Aces have finally sealed the number three spot despite not playing this weekend! Although some of the Aces may have the game against the Lions game in the back of their minds, they shouldn’t overlook this week’s game against the Leicester Longhorns. Some may say it’s a guaranteed victory, but others could see this as a trap game for Loughborough.

4. Hallam Warriors (4-0)
Despite their best efforts, it seems like the Warriors were screwed over by their grounds men and unable to host the Sabres in the Steel City bowl at the weekend. Nevertheless Hallam still moves up one place due to the Destroyers loss to Solent. A victory over York this weekend should keep the Warriors in our top 5 for quite some time.

5. Southampton Stags (5-0)
The biggest winner of the Solents victory over Portsmouth? The Southampton Stags. Not only do they move into our top 5, but they are now in the driving seat to win the TVC if they remain unbeaten. Looking at their remaining fixtures, Southampton could potentially keep Imperial and Portsmouth out of the Championship playoffs with victories over both of these teams! No doubt the OBU Panthers are now massive Stags fans.

6. UWE Bullets (5-0)
Whoever decided to play their rivalry game this weekend is an absolute genius as the Bullets avoided postponing their game due to snow (touch wood). Despite sitting comfortably in the SWAC, UWE still face three teams who have playoff hopes and are looking to ruin the Bullets unbeaten season. A win over the Cuda this weekend will seal a trip to the post season once again.

7. Newcastle Raiders (5-0)
The Raiders were another northern team who fell victim to the snow as their rivalry game against Sunderland was called off. This weekend Newcastle will be hoping to extend their unbeaten run when they host the Edinburgh Napier Knights.

8. Kent Falcons (4-0)
Another top 10 team moving up this weekend despite their game being called off because of the dreaded snow. With their game against Canterbury called off, the Falcons can now focus their attention to this weekend’s game against our number one team in the country – the Hertfordshire Hurricanes. We’ve seen quite a few upsets containing top ten teams in the last two weeks. Can Kent continue the upset run or will the Falcons be sliding down in next week’s Power Rankings?

9. Sheffield Sabres (4-0)
With their rivalry game against the Warriors called off, we were unable to see if the Sabres are as good as the various Anons make out on the forums and our comments section. With the Tyrants potentially pulling out of BUAFL, Sheffield may have to wait until just under two weeks’ time to play their first game of 2012. Hopefully the Tyrants can get the required number of players and give the Sabres a decent game this weekend!

10. Hull Sharks (4-1)
The Sharks return to our top 10 despite not playing this weekend because their one loss came at the hand of Hallam Warriors, whereas the Destroyers lost to a 2-3 team. With three away games left in their season starting with a trip to Leeds Celtics this weekend, this year’s Hull team will be hoping to repeat the success of last year’s team who seemed to excel when playing away from home in the post season.

11. Portsmouth Destroyers (4-1)
Oh how the mighty have fallen. The reigning national champions slide eight places after the loss to the previously 2-3 Solent Redhawks. Whilst we said this game could be an upset alert in our top 5, we were still surprised when we heard the result. The Destroyers host Surrey this weekend and will be hoping to have a repeat of last year’s 78-0 blowout to restore some pride and belief back into the team.

12. OBU Panthers (3-1)
One season after going 1-6 the Panthers now find themselves in the running for a spot in the Championship playoffs with the Destroyers losing to the Redhawks. Unfortunately for OBU they were unable to try and improve their 3-1 record against fellow 3-1 rivals Imperial Immortals. This weekend’s matchup against Brunel gives the Panthers the opportunity to gain some revenge after losing 34-20 in this fixture last season.

13. Imperial Immortals (3-1)
If all of this week’s fixtures had gone ahead, there is no way that the last three teams in our power rankings would be from the TVC, but the football gods (and the weather) ultimately decided that the OBU – Imperial game wouldn’t go ahead, which keeps both teams sitting in the third and fourth spot in the TVC with 3-1 records. This weekend the Immortals travel to top of the table Southampton Stags, a victory for Imperial will blow the TVC (and our Power Rankings) wide open, whilst a loss for Imperial could eventually result in the team missing out on a playoff spot after the good start to the season.

14. Bradford Bears (4-1-1)
Bradford above Cardiff and Derby? Haters gonna hate, but with a better record by both teams, this rookie team move up to number 14 in our power rankings and may just earn a spot in the post season if they continue their good form (three shutouts in their last three games and only one team has scored more than four points against them).  The Bears now have a week off before they host the Bombers on the 19th of Feb.

15. Cardiff Cobras (3-1)
A week after potentially losing their grip on a place in the Championship playoffs, the Cobras are now favourites for the number two seed in the SWAC thanks to the Blitz beating the Demons. Cardiff move down a spot this weekend after the Bears 30-0 victory, but the Cobras could move back up  when they go against Welsh rivals Tarannau Aberystwyth. Congratulations go to the Cardiff Cobras who were celebrating their 25 year anniversary at the weekend!

That’s our rankings for week eight; unfortunately there wasn’t much movers and shakers due to the weather cancelling most games this weekend. Hopefully this weekend’s fixtures can all go ahead with no problems!


  1. personally I think the Worcester Royals should be number 1

    1. Well they are unbeaten in 2012...

  2. Well they managed to not lose this week...

  3. OBU 12 and portsmouth 11, lol, so wrong. Solent have been inconsistent this season but when they are playing well they are a top team. I hate pompey but they shouldnt be knocked down so far, and obu deserve better. All these northern teams are in the top 10 because of their records, but they are playing other northern teams. Wait until they come down south and get destroyed. Happens every year.

    1. couldnt agree more.

    2. Well the northern teams are in the top because there winning... So don't diss them until post season when we get a chance to play all those southern fairies =]

      Let the score line do the talking.

    3. Didn't solent lose to Hull...

    4. not so sure about this one mate, with hallam losing narrowly in the semis last year to the champions and hull in the final of the challenge cup the old argument of 'northern teams are weak' is wearing a bit thin. Maybe five years ago that was the case, but the face of the league has changed.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. How can Destroyers fall so far? Ridiculous!

    1. Simply by the fact that if they do not win out, including a game against the 5-0 Stags they will not go to the National play offs!


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