Thursday, 8 December 2011

BUAFL Week 6 Predictions: Border, Northern and MAC

The final week of fixtures before the winter break! Nice work to all the teams that have this weekend off. Rest up and come back strong next year in the push for the layoffs. First we take a look at the northern conferences, with our eyes on the southern conferences tomorrow!

This week also sees the first time our regional reporters put their own predictions in instead of just me trying to guess based on the sketchy at best BUAFL website. Although I did have a pretty good record even though I was accused of partaking in illegal substances with some of my score line predictions! Keep an eye on these to see how they get on.


Durham Saints @ Stirling Clansmen
After their game was called off last week Stirling will be chomping at the bit to take out a bit of frustration after their shutout loss to Glasgow two weeks ago. Durham have won their most winnable game against Teeside, but look set to struggle again this season.
Stirling to win by 35

NFL Week 14 Predictions

Overall record = 52-24

Thursday Night Football

CLE Browns @ PIT Steelers
After a poor prediction last week on Thursday night football, I think this week’s prediction may be a tad easier to get correct.

Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, for the third game in a row their team faces off against an AFC North rival sitting in the playoff standings. Losing their fifth game out of six the Browns now face the difficult task of preparing to take on Pittsburgh after having three days to prepare. After giving up 290 yards to the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland will be hoping to shut down the Steelers run game forcing Big Ben to throw against Cleveland’s number one passing D.

Despite having a 9-3 record Pittsburgh find themselves sitting in a wildcard spot due to their two losses to the Ravens. A comfortable victory over the Bengals last week was helped by 28 points in the second quarter. Pittsburgh may need to rely heavily on Rashard Mendenhall to carry the Steelers to their tenth win of the season.
Dbl Coverage prediction: Steelers to win by 14.

6PM GMT Games

IND Colts @ BAL Ravens
How different things could’ve been for the Indianapolis Colts if Peyton Manning was fit. This matchup would potentially be a playoff preview, but that’s not the case and the Colts continue to remain winless. Despite only losing by 7 points last week to the New England Patriots, the Colts didn’t score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. The only positive I can think of for them is that the season is almost over...

A week after winning a trap game against the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore now faces off against another minnow. With the Steelers hot on their tail, the Ravens need to continue pounding on their opponents with the rushing attack of Ray Rice and Ricky Williams; this allows Baltimore to take pressure off Joe Flacco who seems to be continuing his weekly bad impression of being a franchise QB.
Dbl Coverage prediction: Ravens to win by 21.

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

We are over the hump and roaring towards the weekend! Football kicks in today and there is plenty of news in the NFL!

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