Sunday, 1 January 2012

BUAFL As It Stands: Challenge Cup Playoff

Following on from the Championship Playoff Wildcard bracket we take a look at the Challenge Cup playoffs if they were to start today. Take a look at our opening article to see how we got to the fixtures we are looking at today.


Lincoln Colonials @ Glasgow Tigers
Lincoln come into this game as underdogs to a Glasgow team that will feel hard done by to end up outside of the Championship playoffs and Glasgow would very quickly show why they were favourites quickly scoring two TD’s in the first quarter.

Lincoln responded in the second when deep in his own half QB Simon Wilkinson floated a pass to Wide Receiver Tom Bray who broke a tackle and ran the ball the length of the field. This however was the lone bright spot for Lincoln as they struggled to put anything together for the rest of the game as Glasgow dominated on defence and put up two more touchdowns as the game wound down to run out convincing winners at 28-7 and will play Hull Sharks in the quarter finals.

Chris Peel leads the Bradford Offence
Northumbria Mustangs @ Bradford Bears

The second of our Northern Wildcard games sees a clash between Northern and Border rivals as Northumbria travel down to take on Bradford.

The first quarter of the game showed that both teams were nervous of the occasion as misfires on offence prevented any team getting on the scoreboard and allowed the punters to rack up some serious yardage.

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