Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Teesside Cougars 0 – 47 Newcastle Raiders

by Stuart Dick

BUAFL North Eastern Conference

The 0-2 Newcastle Raiders looked to get their first Win on the board in their first home game of the year against the debuting Teesside Cougars on Sunday Afternoon. The Cougars started the season with two bye weeks and were looking to pour misery on the Raiders.

Four rushing touchdowns from Full-Back Johnathon Kemsley, plus three more scores on the ground gave the home side the win in a 47-0 blowout. Ben Cross (2) and Amir Cincik were the other two scorers on the day.

Newcastle set the tone on the opening kick-off, with a 45 yard run back by Ben Cross into Cougar territory. Newcastle’s first drive stuttered with holding penalties being a regular occurrence. On 1st and 25 the Raiders converted with a 30 yard TD Pass. The rest of the drive consisted of Double Wing offensive power, with runs up the middle going at 8 yards per carry. The drive was finished off by Full-Back Kemsley who took it in from three yards out. The XP was no good.

After a quick three and out from Teesside, The Raiders Double Wing continued to dominate, with Amir Cicnik running in a score from 17 yards. The Second Quarter was more of the same, with Teesside struggling to muster offence, and failed to stop the run. Ben Cross was the next man in the endzone with a short TD, before a Cougar fumble led to a 55 yard two minute drill, with a long pass play before Ben Cross ran in another TD. It was 27-0 at the half.

The second half of the game was the Johnathon Kemsley show, with the full-back running in all three scores. His first was a 13 yard run after another sustained drive, The mammoth full-back went in untouched as the Cougar defence got tired.

Twice more in the fourth quarter he ran in almost untouched. The final score 47-0.

NFL Power Rankings Week 12

  1. Houston Texans 9-1 (-) 
I’m not convinced Houston still deserve to be top after going to overtime, at home, with the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, I’m equally unconvinced that anyone else deserves to go above them. They got the win in the end, and whilst the top 10 certainly feels a lot less stable than it did a couple of weeks ago they should still beat the Lions on thanksgiving and cement their #1 seed further. 

Justin Blackmon and Andre Johnson were the first WR's to record 200+ receiving yards in the same game.

Double Coverage's "One To Watch" Week Three

UCLAN Rams star Sam Bloomfield lived up to his “One To Watch” status with a stellar showing in Week Three of BAFA University Football.

Even whilst playing, Sam found the time to help the invisible man find his contact lenses.

NFL Predictions: Week 12

An outstanding week means my record continues to grow more and more respectable. However, a lot of those games went way closer than I would have liked (I'm looking at you, Mason Crosby), so hopefully this week's predicting will be smoother sailing.

Turkey week means we get extra football on a Thursday at a reasonable hour, which is something we can all be very thankful for.

Week 11 = 13-1

Overall = 92-69


Texans @ Lions
Even though the Lions held GB close and the Texans gave up huge points to the Henne-led Jags I still think Houston should win this one comfortably. Detroit shouldn’t put up as much of a fight as they did against the Packers, with the Texans running the ball hard from the outset.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Texans by 7

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