Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NFL Predictions: Week 12

An outstanding week means my record continues to grow more and more respectable. However, a lot of those games went way closer than I would have liked (I'm looking at you, Mason Crosby), so hopefully this week's predicting will be smoother sailing.

Turkey week means we get extra football on a Thursday at a reasonable hour, which is something we can all be very thankful for.

Week 11 = 13-1

Overall = 92-69


Texans @ Lions
Even though the Lions held GB close and the Texans gave up huge points to the Henne-led Jags I still think Houston should win this one comfortably. Detroit shouldn’t put up as much of a fight as they did against the Packers, with the Texans running the ball hard from the outset.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Texans by 7

Redskins @ Cowboys
RG3 just put up a near perfect 4 TD game against the Eagles, whereas the Cowboys just struggled to see off Cleveland. Granted, the Cowboys defence is better than Philly's, but I'm still loving the Redskins in this one. Here's hoping they end Romo's November streak.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Redskins by 6

Patriots @ Jets
Brady just gave Luck a master-class in Elite QBing, and whilst the Jets surprised me by beating the Rams in St. Louis, I still think the Pats have more than enough to give NY a divisional walloping. Gronk's injury is a big thorn in their side though, so it will be interesting to see what black magic Belichick concocts offensively during his lengthy absence.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Patriots by 14

Sunday Early Wave:

Vikings @ Bears
This will be a lot closer than it would have been with Cutler, but I still think the Bears have enough at home to secure a win, even after their sorry performance vs the Niners.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Bears by 6

Raiders @ Bengals
This one isn’t too taxing to call. The Raiders are in a huge rut with injuries across the board, whereas the Bengals are just hitting their stride with a wildcard spot wide open in the AFC (especially with Big Ben out for at least another 2 weeks).

DBL Coverage Prediction: Bengals by 10

Steelers @ Browns
Baltimore vs Pittsburgh was every bit the defensive struggle anticipated, and we should expect more of the same here, with Cleveland’s underated defence containing the Steelers’ somewhat impotent Leftwhich-led (?) attack. I still fancy Pittsburgh to win it, but it could be close.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Steelers by 3

Bills @ Colts
Whilst last week's results might incline some to favour Buffalo I still like the Colts (at home) to give anyone a game.  I'm confident Luck can rebound from their defeat to New England to grab another narrow but crucial win.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Colts by 3

Titans @ Jags
Interesting one given the Jaguars' shockingly good performance vs Houston. The Titans looked good before the bye though, so until Jacksonville show me that wasn't a fluke I'm going to err on the side of caution and take Tennessee. This one is a toss-up though.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Titans by 6

Broncos @ Chiefs
The Broncos just took down the Chargers comfortably and the Chiefs just got dismantled once again, this time by Cincy. Looking like another ugly game for a down and out KC.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Broncos by 21

Seahawks @ Dolphins
Whilst the Hawks are clearly a far better team at home than away, the Dolphins have lost 2 straight. I fancy Seattle to make a statement here, with Wilson showing Tannehill who the 3rd best (at least) rookie QB really is.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Seahawks by 7

Falcons @ Buccaneers
The Buccaneers are not a team to be trifled with right now, but I can't look past Atlanta here. They've had their ups and downs (throwing 5 picks last week is not a good sign), but they should have enough quality to find a way to win once again here.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Falcons by 3

Sunday Second Wave:

Ravens @ Chargers
I hope it’s not just blind loyalty that I think the Chargers have a chance in this game. Flacco and the Ravens do not play well on the road, and SD have the potential to score on any team. Despite that, I can’t in good faith expect anything less than the usual offensive line disasters and retarded QB play that we’ve come to expect from the Bolts.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Ravens by 10

Rams @ Cardinals
Coming off last week's performances it would be insulting to Arizona to not pick them here. The Rams were very disappointing vs the Jets whereas the Cardinals gave me the close game I looked for against Atlanta. I like Arizona to put an end to their slide here, at least for one week.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Cardinals by 3

49ers @ Saints
Tough one to predict, as the Saints are well and truly on the comeback trail. However, the 49ers looked red hot on Monday, and whoever is starting QB has a great chance of stalling the Saints’ playoff challenge.

DBL Coverage Prediction: 49ers by 3

Sunday Night:

Packers @ Giants
I'm not even going to hesitate on this one. The Packers will beat the Giants, who have been incredibly sub-par the last few weeks. This one has a very bitter recent history, so should be great viewing. Unless Eli suddenly decides he wants to start throwing touchdowns again this is only going one way.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Packers by 7

Monday Night:

Panthers @ Eagles
Another tough one as maybe the two most disappointing teams in 2012 go head to head.  I feel like the Panthers are in a better position than Philly right now, as they are a young team looking forward rather than a ‘dream team’ resigned to being broken up for parts. Could well go either way but I’ll side with Carolina here.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Panthers by 7

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