Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Game Of The Week: BNU vs. Southampton Stags Game Report.

As any avid follower of the TVC knows, this match up last season was an extraordinary encounter. For those unaware, the Stags narrowly beat the Bucs 52-48 with BNU's defence incapable of stopping Southampton's air attack and BNU's double wing offence running riot over the Stags D. Any neutral would again be hoping for a similar result.

BNU received the ball first and it was evident straight away that Southampton feared a defensive display similar to last year, lining up in a completely new front. Six down linemen, and middle linebacker, two outside linebackers and two deep safeties. For all this tactical prudence, it didn't seem to make a difference as on the first play BNU's captain #8 Danny Wallace took the ball thirty yards and into Southampton territory. BNU kept driving, getting into the redzone. BNU went backwards from there before switching to spread and dropping a pass in the endzone. They turned the ball over on downs after a 9 play drive.

As the Stag's offence took the field, it was equally evident BNU feared being passed all over again as they lined up in a deep cover 3, with their corners playing 10-15 yards off their man. It worked on the Southampton's first drive as they went three-and-out.

The first quarter went extremely quick and without event as both sides failed to put any points on the board. BNU had another drive led by full back #21 Martin Friedrichs running but again stalled in Stags territory. The scoring started early in the second quarter, with a drive of solid running from Stag's RB's #24 Henry Schlaefli and #80 Tristan Demuth, before QB Dana Neale found wide out #33 Henry Everett for a 24 yard score on a third and long situation. PAT good.

College Football Week 13 Review

Notre Dame 22 – USC 13

At first glance: ND got themselves to the National Title game by slowly squeezing the air out of USC with a pummelling ground game and solid defense. Once again the game wasn’t a pretty win, but it was a win nonetheless and a very important one at that.

Turning point: Lane Kiffin has a lot to answer for, calling a timeout pre-snap to nullify a scoring play for the Trojans (how was he to know they would get in the endzone), but more crucially he turned down a three point opportunity to make it a one score game in favour of going for it on 4th down and had his offence stuffed!

Key Stat: 7.3 – Theo Riddicks average/run, he really tore up the Trojans defence.

Point of Interest: There’s a lot to take away from this game, so here’s a few to think about. This Irish team is the first to get to the title game since 1988, three years before Theo Riddick was born. The Irish were unranked in the AP poll to start the season and finish number 1 after beating the team that was ranked number 1 in the AP poll before the season. And here’s my biggest question, can this team stop whichever SEC giant they meet in the title game?

Player of the Game: No contest, Theo Riddick. Completely dominanted the USC defence in every facet of the game. He made big runs, big catches as well as some key blitz pickups and really lead the Irish offence.

My prediction: Almost got it spot on, ND ran out winners, both teams were just a few points shy of how many I predicted them to score.


Notre Dame
What this win means: National Championship berth and a memorable undefeated regular season.

Up next: Almost definitely the winner of the SEC Championship game, either Georgia or Alabama.

What this loss means: Tough to gauge, they fall to 7-5 in a season in which they started as the number 1 ranked team in the nation. Disappointing to say the least.

Up next: Sorry to say guys, but I don’t know, a very average bowl game that doesn’t befit the Trojans of USC.

Birmingham Lions vs. NTU Renegades Game Report

In the cold windy weather battering the majority of the UK, the NTU Renegades led by Marcus Boswell, Danny Miller and co, headed to the University of Birmingham to take on the Birmingham Lions in a battle between two of the top three teams in the MAC.

Starting at their own 22, the Renegades came out firing as QB Danny Miller found Wide Receiver George Charlesworth for a long gain after a juggling catch. The Renegades drive came to a sudden end when on the third play of the series, a QB-RB exchange between Miller and Glasgow was fumbled. Maxwell Petitjean dived on the fumble to give the ball back to the Lions.

The Lions offence, as per, opened with a mix of powerful running from Dan Conroy and short passes from Tristan Varney. After being forced into a fourth down play, the Lions went for it and were stopped by the Renegades D. However, an offside penalty on the Renegades defence gave the Lions a new set of downs. NTU were forced to regret this penalty as Varney hit Will Hussey on a WR screen and Hussey followed his blockers all the way to the endzone. After a successful PAT, the Lions were up 7-0.

Stirling Clansmen vs. Edinburgh Predators Game Report

Stirling (4-0) overwhelmed Edinburgh (1-3) on Sunday to extend their lead at the top of the Saltire Conference. Stirling made the most of their new campus all-weather facility, as the inclement weather forced for a number of cancelled games throughout the UK but the game was still played in cold and wet wintry conditions.

And while the weather played a part in slowing both teams passing attacks, the Clansmen were still able to effectively run the ball to rack up no less than seven rushing touchdowns. The first of which came on Stirling’s opening drive, when fullback Zake Muluzi broke free behind some excellent blocks from his offensive line to peel off a 71 yard score. Craig Black added the extra point to make the score 7-0.

Stirling’s defence held firm all game and set the tempo by forcing the Edinburgh defence off the field on their first two drive attempts, the latter of which resulted in a 51 yard punt return for a touchdown from Grant Isdale. In cold and wet conditions though, the Clansmen were eventually forced to punt on their next drive but the Stirling defence quickly put that right with defensive tackle Carl Lay recovering a fumble on the very next play. From the resulting drive, Muluzi got on the scoreboard again, with another rushing touchdown straight down the gut of Edinburgh’s defence, who seemed to be unable to cope with the big fullbacks aggressive downhill running style.

Pushed to the Wire

by Chris Stupack

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, Leeds Carnegie faced off at home to the 1-1 Northumbria Mustangs and had the opportunity to go 2-0 and send a message out to the rest of their division.

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