Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BUAFL Top 5 Rivalry Matchups This Weekend

 Worcester @ Gloucester is just one of the rivalry matchups to feature this weekend.
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We’ve all being waiting for it and finally we have reached the biggest week in the season so far! No we’re not talking about Super Bowl week; we’re talking about BUAFL rivalry weekend!

This week’s Top 5 will be dedicated to the biggest matches of the weekend in our opinion. Some games will affect the playoff outcome, whilst others are all about pride and glory.

Note – UWE and Bristol face off on the 12th of February so they are excluded from the list!

So…without any further ado it’s time to list the teams that didn’t quite make the cut.

Coventry Jets @ Warwick Wolves – Whilst this is a relatively new rivalry, these two teams have already forged a disliking off each other. This could be down to the fact that Coventry thought they’d be the new up and coming team in the MAC, but have been put in their place of late. I remember when these two teams faced off against each other last season, there was a lot of talk from the Cov players saying how they would dominate the game and comfortable win their first BUAFL meeting. That wasn’t the case as the Wolves won 13-6. Don’t expect a classic game as these two teams are currently sitting at 0-4 and 1-3, but expect a game that could spring a few surprises and establish which team is the true leader of this varsity matchup.

Leeds Carnegie @ Leeds Celtics – In quite possibly the most open conference in the league, this week game see’s the Celtics and Carnegie facing each other, with the winner getting back into the playoff race, and the loser all but out of the hunt. The Celtics will be hoping their offence can score on the daunting Carnegie defence who have only conceded 13 points all season! Last year it was Carnegie who came away victorious when they beat the Celtics 7-6.

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