Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Week 10 Powerless Rankings: Rankings 15-1

With a request from a mysterious anon on the unofficial forum, we have decided to begin a powerless ranking! It's time to name and shame the worst teams in BUAFL! A message to all teams on this list, if you’re not happy with your ranking – stop sucking!

BUAFL: Playoff Permutations

So with some big upsets this week, how do the playoffs stand for the main contenders?

BUAFL Game Report: Renegades royally rout Worcester

Not exactly a glamour fixture, but an interesting report on a playoff hopeful and a team that hasn't shown any improvement in it's 3 years of competitive play.

BUAFL Game Report: Borders Upset

Match report on the huge upset in the Borders conference as the title challenging Glasgow Tigers took on the EN Knights.

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