Saturday, 5 November 2011

College game of the week: Alabama vs LSU

It's going to be a tough athletic competition...

Since the first game of the season after LSU trounced National Championship finalists Oregon one fixture has really stood out for many on the calendar. The visit of Les Miles and his LSU Tigers to the Bryant-Denny stadium to take on Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide is considered by many to be the national championship game this season.
It is a shame that these two teams won’t meet in the big game as they are the out and out best teams in College Football this season, but that is the nature of the archaic BCS system and the subject of a whole different article.

BUAFL Football returns with a bang!

Running back Dan Conroy scores for Birmingham in last years event
Tonight is a feast of football at home and abroad with the Birmingham Lions opening the BUAFL season taking on the visiting NTU Renegades at their annual xpLosION event (the letters in caps spell LION for those that hadn't figured it out yet) and #1 LSU taking on #2 Alabama in the NCAA (more on that in later article). Game preview follows after the page break.

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