Monday, 4 March 2013

BAFA YOO AFF - The Future!

The first weekend of the playoffs is now in the bag and the chaos that was the final week of the regular season is a distant and fading memory. However for some teams there is still that bitter after taste from missing out on the glory of the post season due to tie breakers, bad schedules or the Saltire conference having too many guarenteed teams.

Coupled with these post season injustices there is the (literal) cold hard fact that the weather during the BAFA Uni American Football (BAFAUAF, pronounced BAFA-Yoo-Aff) doesn't allow a full slate of games to be played barring a herculean effort from teams to play midweek (or in the case of Portsmouth, twice in midweek).

So what can be done to counter this? How do we fix the problems with scheduling, having a seven division system and is it time for tiered teams to be introduced? I thought I would give a restructuring of the BAFAUAF a go.

Shamrock Bowl Conference Week Three Round-up

by Nathan James Sharrocks

There were only two games in the Shamrock Bowl Conference in Week Three, but these still left plenty to talk about! The Carrickfergus Knights squeezed out a 2-0 win over the West Dublin Rhinos after a fierce defensive battle that leaves the latter pointless in their two games. The Knights will be glad to pick up their first win in their first game of the season though.

Meanwhile, down South, the University of Limerick Vikings were looking to build on their 11-0 win over UCD last week but Trinity College Dublin had other ideas. Quarterback Alex Gurnee had a game to remember with a passing TD to Phillip Williams and two rushing TDs as Trinity beat last year's Shamrock Bowl runners-up 20-0.

Meanwhile in the IAFL-1 two new teams battled hard to record their first competitive wins but Waterford Wolves came out 14-12 on top at home to the North Kildare Reapers. The Tullamore Phoenix took on the Drogheda Lightning in the other game, resulting in a hard-fought 6-6 tie.

Below we have the touchdown scoring charts for the Shamrock Bowl Conference weeks so far and we'll continue to update these throughout the season:

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