Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Playoff Seedings 2013

National Championship Seedings
1 – Hertfordshire Hurricanes*
2 – Derby Braves*
3 – UH Sharks *
4 – Stirling Clansmen*
5 – Birmingham Lions
6 – Bath Killer Bees
7 – Portsmouth
8 – UWE Bullets
9 – Sheffield Sabres
10 – Kingston Cougars
11 – Loughborough Aces
12 – Leeds Carnegie
* teams have secured a bye week

Games to be played on the weekend of March 2nd and 3rd.
Carnegie (12) @ Bham (5)
Loughborough (11) @ Bath (6)
Kingston (10) @ Portsmouth (7)
Sheffield (9) @ UWE (8)

National Challenge Trophy Seedings
13 – Glasgow Tigers *
14 – Cambridge Pythons*
15 – Warwick Wolves*
16 – Southampton Stags*
17 – Manchester Tyrants
18 – Gloucester Gladiators
19 – UEA Pirates
20 – Leeds Celtics
21 – Edinburgh Predators
22 – NTU renegades
23 – BNU Buccaneers
24 – Kent Falcons
* teams have secured a bye week

Games to be played on the weekend of March 2nd and 3rd.
Kent Falcons (24) @ Manchester Tyrants (17)
BNU Buccaneers (23) @ Gloucester (18)
NTU Renegades (22) @ UEA Pirates (19)
Edinburgh Predators (21) @ Leeds Celtics (20)

UWS Pyros vs EN Knights

There may have been nothing at stake in this matchup but it was far from end of season fare as the Pyros and the Knights served up a real rip snorter of a contest that hung in the balance until the final play.

The opening kickoff went for a huge 95yard return by Dominik Wiest but the Pyro’s player-coach Bud McFerrin ripped his own long run with a 65 yard score on the subsequent possession.

The Knights took the ball and put together a solid drive which was punched in by the fine running of GB hopeful Jamie Welsh, but in what was to become a game of ‘anything you can do’ the Pyros also pieced together a scoring drive finished by Strachan.

The 2nd quarter was to see 4 Touchdown scores, as the Knights rose to the challenge with a 35yard run from Welsh which he hurdled into the end zone. The ensuing kickoff was returned by McFerrin  as the Pyros refused to let the Knights pull clear. The half finished with one more score from Welsh this time from 40 yards as he dove to the endzone pylon putting Napier ahead 30-20.

The fireworks of the 1st half weren’t quite replicated in the 2nd and it was the Pyros who pulled within two and then took the go ahead score both from McFerrin who finished on 211 yards rushing on the day.

With the game on the line the Knights drove to the Pyros 10 but 2 incompletions saw an end to their day and an end to a disappointing season. Napier now go into their off-season recruitment mode and bid farewell to their outgoing senior class and exchange students and await the new season in September 2013.

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The Final Powerless Ranking

We’ve reached the end. This is the final powerless ranking of the 2012/13 University season. What do we do now? Maybe go to bed at a decent time as we won’t have as many articles to write!

Anyway, before we go onto the list, we believe we should add some things that deserve to be on the powerless rankings from the season that’s just passed us by.

The winter break – This is too long, it needs to be made shorter. Why? Because we could be playing games in these weeks instead of having too many awarded games being decided, or mid-week games at the end of the season. Someone needs to change it; maybe we could start the revolution!

The weather – The weather this year has made one thing clear – it’s about time all Uni teams played in a dome. Too many postponements when a droplet lands on the floor means some teams have been unable to complete a full season this year. That shouldn’t be happening. It does raise a question though, do teams get money back/discount next season for them paying for an eight game season, yet they don’t play eight games...

UK Gridiron Memes – Y U NO START SOONER? You missed everything from before Christmas! We still love what you’re doing at the moment though, keep it up!

There’s many more that could be added, but we think it’s time for the list!

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