Monday, 28 November 2011

Tamworth Phoenix Announce new HC

According to their Facebook page the Tamworth Phoenix have announced that Running Backs Coach Graham Kelly will be their new head coach for the 2012 season.

Coach Kelly will be given the task of guiding the Phoenix through the newly formed Northern Conference and will be hoping that he can follow last years form and reach the playoffs again.

BUAFL Week 4 Top 20 Rankings

A few surprise results this week means there have been some moves within the Dbl Coverage rankings.

Once again the top 5 remain the same as previous weeks, but the gap between them is so close you could easily switch them round. Two teams have left our top 20 rankings, they are: Northampton Nemesis and former top 10 members Bristol Barracuda.

Anyway now it’s time for the rankings!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (3-0)

Another blowout victory for the ‘Canes this week against Canterbury in the less than impressive SEC. Next week Herts travel to LSBU hoping for a repeat of last year’s score line (39-0) but we at Dbl Coverage (and probably the rest of BUAFL) are hoping the Spartans can give the ‘Canes a challenge and make a game of it.

2. Portsmouth Destroyers (3-0)

In what could have been considered a trap game for the reigning champs but the Destroyers managed to run out 24-7 victors. After putting away one unbeaten team on Sunday, Portsmouth now faces OBU Panthers who are also off to an unbeaten start. Life’s never easy when you’re the BUAFL champs.

3. Birmingham Lions (3-0)

I don’t know if the Lions schedule is getting easier or the Lions offence is just starting to find their rhythm after posting their highest score for the season. A 59-8 victory over the Outlaws has all but cemented Birmingham’s place atop of the MAC until they face the Aces.

4. Loughborough Aces (3-0)

The only blemish on the latest Aces blowout was conceding points for the first time this season, otherwise the Aces offence continues to roll as many expected. Facing off against the Jets in their next game expect Loughborough to remain unbeaten as we head towards the Christmas break.

BAFANL Alignment: Division 1 and 2

The rest of the league structure for the 2012 season


Gateshead Senators
Merseyside Nighthawks
Lancashire Wolverines
Shropshire Revolution
Nottingham Caesars
Coventry Jets
West Coast Trojans

Cambridge Cats
South Wales Warriors
Sussex Thunder
Hampshire Thrashers
East Kent Mavericks
Berkshire Renegades
Kent Exiles
Essex Spartans

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour round up

After a dramtic weekend of BAFANL and BUAFL News we return to your regular scheduled program.

Steelers survived another boring Sunday night game after soon to be second string Tyler Palko threw 3 picks and fumbled

But lost Troy Polamalu after a concussion, which he has worryingly suffered before in his career.

Nick Novak calmed his nerves during the Broncos Chargers matchup by relieving himself on the sideline...

Which the ref probably should have done before trying to explain the overtime rules (which he got wrong)

And Tim Tebow provided more last minute drama, winning yet another game in the clutch

The Raiduhs maintained their top position in their division with a win over the Hanie led Bears

Stevie Johnson decided to mock Plaxico Buress in his TD dance, which I personally find hilarious (if a little classless)!

The wheels really came off for the Eagles at home against a dominant Patriots team

As fans called for Andy Reid to be fired

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