Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Irish Football Round-Up

Controversy! We’ve seen plenty of it in the Irish Leagues this year but it seems there will be no end to it as we had a bit more this weekend gone. The IAFL-1 saw another tight fought game with yet another 2-0 victory whilst the Shamrock Bowl Conference saw a shake up at the bottom of the North and a contentious end to the game at the top of the North.

The Dublin Rebels' Simon Mackey battles through a Trojan tackle - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

AFL Week 7 Review

Swarco Raiders 54 - JCL Graz Giants 28

Just like the first game of the season, I predicted the upset and got it wrong as once again the Raiders showed us all just how potent a force they can be when they're on their game. The fashion in which the result shook out was eerily similar to how the first meeting between these two teams went, with the Raiders completely shutting out the Giants in the first half and piling on points before the Giants finally managed to crack the endzone in the second half which was once again too little, too late. 

From keeping a track of all the results in the AFL throughout the season so far this game should have been a lot closer than it turned out to be, as the Giants ran the Vikings very close previously whilst the Raiders were stomped on by said Vikings a few weeks ago. These sort of odd results really make this league interesting and tough to predict and just goes to show how any of the teams can pull out a result on any given day (except for maybe the AFC Rangers).

The powerful Hofbauer had a great day for the Raiders.
© Florian Schellhorn from www.footballpics.info

The key to success for the Raiders was once again their ability to limit the dangerous Alex Good was able to do with his scrambling ability and turning the Giants offence into a unit that lacked ideas beyond their star player. On the opposite side of the ball the Raiders were really uncontested in both the passing and running game with Andreas Hofbauer averaging 10.1 yards a carry for a total of 104 yards whilst Kyle Callahan once again showed his class with a 309 yard and 6 touchdown performance.

Player of the Game: Kyle Callahan, Quarterback #6. Two weeks in a row he's been head a shoulders above the rest of his team and he's really upped his performances after the terrible loss to the Vikings.

Prediction: Called the result wrong as the Raiders absolutely blew past their opponents, but at least I correctly guessed how many points the Giants woulds score.

Prague Black Panthers 31 - AFC Rangers 10

And just like that, the AFC Rangers were officially confirmed as the AFLs worst team. A grand total of 60 official spectators are confirmed to have waster their Saturday watching these two titans of mediocrity duke it out before witnessing the Black Panthers register their first win of the season.

Another first for the Black Panthers season was that they managed to produce something that resembled a running game as Ondrej Visek broke the 100 yard barrier and added a touchdown to round out a very successful day for himself. However, the Rangers' main man, Craig Maynard, was not able to have the sort of impact that was needed of him as despite scoring the opening touchdown of the day on a 55 yard run, he couldn't muster more than four completions through the air and a further 21 yards on the ground.

Shoop did what had to be done on the day to get the win, put the team on his back.
© Kellner Holly Thomas/Gridiron Photography

Even though the Rangers got off to a promising start and lead 10-3 at the start of the second quarter, they were just not able to hold of the Black Panthers' second quarter scoring spree as quarterback Andrew Shoop accounted for 21 straight points through two scores on the ground and a 3 yard hook up with J. Wolesky.

The Rangers will have to wait until the return fixture in three weeks time to extract some revenge, but until then I can't see either team picking up a win.

Player of the Game: Ondrej Visek, Running Back #29. To be the first Black Panther to crack the 100 yard mark is some feat and along with the touchdown makes him a clear choice for the player of the game.

Prediction: Wasn't as close as I thought but the end result was correct and I once again magically got the points total for the Black Panthers spot on.

Raiffesisen Vikings 62 - Danube Dragons 35

The all conquering Vikings once again flexed their muscles and delivered a beat down of epic proportions. When you consider that the Dragons scored 21 of their points in the fourth quarter against the Viking's backups and that the Vikings scored touchdowns on their opening seven possessions, you realise that the score really flatters the Dragons who were thoroughly dominated on the day.

Despite the moustache, you have to respects the mans production on the field.
© Kellner Holly Thomas/Gridiron Photography

If you've been following the Vikings carefully this season it will not surprise you where most of their offensive production came from as Christopher Gross once again had a six touchdown game and had a cool 409 yards through the air to go along with it. Gross was not the only one to fill his boots on the day as Jesse Lewis chipped in with a solid 109 yard and two touchdown performance off of 11 carries.

The problem for the Dragons this week was simply that the Viking defence had their number the entire day as Tunde Ogun was held to 17 yards rushing on nine carries and Jonathan Dally was only allowed to put up respectable numbers when the game was dead and buried. 

With the Vikings in such imperious form, I doubt anyone will be able to stand in the way en route to another AFL crown.

Player of the Game: Christopher Gross, Quarterback #8. No brainer once again, the guy had 409 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Prediction: Called the result, but no way was I going to be able to predict such a huge blowout.

All DC Team: The Defensive Linemen

The offence have had their moment of glory, now it's time for the real men to get some recognition and where better to start than the defensive line. We've tried to find a balance between those run stuffing 3-4 defensive linemen that may not have the gaudy sack numbers of their 4-3 defensive end counter parts.

As per our disclaimer, we're sure that we've missed out one or two players from the list, but we can't fit everyone into an eight man selection!

Ike Obialo - DMU Falcons
Argue with this nomination, I dare you...
"Big" Ike Obialo drew our attention at GB camp and a few enquiries into the big mans play at small school DMU confirmed what we saw, the guy is a certified monster. Yes he played for DMU, who went 1-7, yes his team conceded 185 points, but just look at the guy!

Sheffield Sabres Flag Tournament

by Daniel Von Klügerhoffen IV (yes, that was the name we were given)


On June the 8th the Sheffield sabres will once again be hosting their annual 5 a side flag football tournament. Last year's event was a huge success, with over 10 teams from around the country competing for glory! Can anyone end the two year winning streak of team Sheffield Air?

James Goddard’s Protein Project – The End

Hi guys, The Maximuscle Protein Project is now over and, for those of you who don’t already know, unfortunately I wasn’t victorious. The winner was Ollie Ward, a top bloke who made incredible changes, congratulations to him.

I’ve taken the weekend to think about the Protein Project and allow it all to digest (Ed; understated pun, we like it). It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life and whilst I’m devastated not to have been crowned the champion, I certainly was a winner for being involved in the first place.

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