Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Irish Football Round-Up

Controversy! We’ve seen plenty of it in the Irish Leagues this year but it seems there will be no end to it as we had a bit more this weekend gone. The IAFL-1 saw another tight fought game with yet another 2-0 victory whilst the Shamrock Bowl Conference saw a shake up at the bottom of the North and a contentious end to the game at the top of the North.

The Dublin Rebels' Simon Mackey battles through a Trojan tackle - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

Shamrock Bowl Conference

Belfast Trojans 35-0 Dublin Rebels

The week after the Rebels lost 26-6 at their home ground they headed to Belfast looking to improve the result. A number of the Trojans had arrived at Shorts S+R Club a few hours previously to rid the field of standing water but their efforts were to be proven pointless as a downpour just before kick off left the field riddled with puddles.

The weather would have a say on the game as the Trojans fumbled on the opening drive, running back Alex Newton coughing up the ball as he ran though one of the pools that lingered on the pitch. The Dubliners would fail to capitalise though and a few exchanges would take place before the home team would take their opportunity.

The offensive line cleared the way as James McKelvey handed off to Dave Colvin who led the Rebels’ defence on a mazing run, straight to the end zone. It would prove to be the first of yet another hat-trick of scores (his third hat-trick this year) on the day for the impressive Colvin, the best of which was a 40-yard score with numerous broken tackles and impressive cuts.

Dave Colvin on one of his three touchdown runs - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks
The away team had to look to other alternatives than their strong run game. Top rushing scorer Simon Mackey was having little joy against the Trojans’ defensive prowess but experienced quarterback Andrew Dennehy was finding some success through the air for the visitors. However the Trojans always seemed to be there at the critical time, picking off Dennehy on one key drive in particular.

Belfast would continue to consistently put points on the Rebels, with Mckelvey finding Fu Faapito on two identical plays in the back of the end zone for two touchdowns.

It was midway through the third quarter when controversy set in. Dublin wide receiver, Gary Sommerville, who had been impressive on the day, went down hurt under a tough tackle and was helped from the field and to the ambulance. He would go on to be assessed by the medical staff and be deemed to require further treatment at the hospital.

As the teams awaited the return of the ambulance, the referees decided to call the game over. By-laws state that if the ambulance’s return takes longer than an hour then the game will be called off but not before. The ambulance did indeed return, after just half an hour but the game was already over. Did anybody influence the referee’s decision to call the game early? The accusation has been made and vehemently denied on social networks but this could be a case that will never be solved. Who decided that the game was over? Will there be some sanction from the governing body? It is an awkward one to assess, despite being present at the game, due to the confusion at the finale.

The Trojans were bitterly disappointed as a unit about the way the game ended, and were visibly confused when the game was called. Some of the Rebels apologised whilst shaking Belfast's hands after the game but what happened is still inconclusive. We will bring you more when we have it. 

Double Coverage wishes Gary Sommerville the best in his recovery.

West Dublin Rhinos 7- 0 Craigavon Cowboys

The Rhinos and the Cowboys squared off for the second time this season after the latter beat the former by 23 points to nil for their only win, and West Dublin’s heaviest defeat, of the year.

The Rhinos (left) and Cowboys (right) have shared a win each this year in their match ups - photo by Ariane Boudias
Since then the Rhinos have picked up the form and managed to grab revenge against Craigavon this past weekend, with linebacker Brent Trull scoring a pick six as the Cowboys were looking dangerous.

An important score from the Rhinos’ defence takes them above Craigavon at the bottom of the SBC North. The Cowboys are struggling with injuries and will be looking to get players back for the season’s closing run where they’ll be hoping to pick up a couple more points.

Scoring Charts


Dublin Dragons 0 – 2 North Kildare Reapers

The defensive prowess of the IAFL-1 again proved the swinging point of the latest fixture, with a safety being the only split between the Reapers and Dragons.

Photo by Ariane Boudias
With teams proving so unwilling to give up points in the IAFL-1 this year it could prove that the lack of offence will be the main struggle of whichever team is promoted to the Shamrock Bowl Conference come season’s end.

However the coaching class is there. Some staff in the IAFL-1 have more experience than some in the Shamrock Bowl Conference and they’ll be more than capable of drilling the offensive side of their teams and getting points on the board.

Scoring Charts

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