Wednesday, 28 November 2012

BAFA Uni Football Week Four Powerless Rankings

Oh boy, this may actually be the easiest Powerless Rankings of all time. That’s not because all of the teams on the list lost at the weekend; in fact, it’s quite the opposite as only four of the six teams on this list played due to the numerous postponements throughout the league, coupled with the fact that a lot of this week’s list seem to have had byes this weekend. Anyway, as per, we begin with the dishonourable mentions list!

BAFA Uni Week Four Power Rankings

The weather may be wreaking havoc across the majority of the UK and postponing a ton of games around the league, but there’s one thing the weather will never postpone, and that’s our Power Rankings!

The MAC and Saltire conferences get our well done cookies for not having a single game postponed the last weekend. 

NFL Predictions: Week 13

A solid week 12 sees my record continue to quietly grow more respectable. We’re nearing the point in the season now where all eyes are firmly fixed on those wildcard spots, and this week’s games could go a long way towards deciding who is destined for a shot at post-season glory and who will fade into mediocrity.

Week 12 = 11-5
Overall = 113-64

Thursday Night:

Saints @ Falcons
Very tasty Thursday night NFC South match-up. The Saints just got beat by the 49ers whereas the Falcons just managed to squeeze past the Buccs by the narrowest of margins. New Orleans have already beaten Atlanta once this season and it genuinely is a must-win for them to keep their playoff dreams alive. They will want it more.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Saints by 3

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