Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Top 5 BUAFL Defences

After last week’s top 5 offences we decided to try and rank the top 5 BUAFL defences. Like last week we asked you to send in your opinions on who should be in our top 5, so if your team didn’t make the cut or missed out on the top spot you should’ve got in touch when you had the opportunity!

Once again before moving onto the top 5 we’d like to give a quick mention to a few teams who didn’t make the cut, but still deserve praise for how they’ve performed so far.

Quick note – Despite the suggestion of Glasgow Tigers they unfortunately just missed out. Keep up the good work though guys!

OBU Panthers – Points conceded: 26. Average points per game: 6.5

Despite losing their first game of the season to the Destroyers last weekend, the Panthers are still on our almost list. In their first three games of the season OBU had only conceded 3 points in total (two shutouts obviously) and had a solid case for being in our top 5 list. Unfortunately conceding 20 points at the weekend kept them out of the promise land.

Dbl Coverage Interviews: Mark Moss Head Coach of the London Blitz

Mark Moss has been the Head Coach of the London Blitz since 2006, overseeing the most successful period in the teams history. He has won the Britbowl four times and added the EFAF cup this year. We sat down with Coach Moss for an interview to get his thoughts on the season ahead, the season before and his views on coaching and philosophy. Read on after the page break for the full interview!

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