Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Elite Women Project Camp

By Andrew Gambrill

The Elite Women Project (EWP) attended the GB Lions mens team residential camp as guests of the National Programme.
Eighteen players attended 2 who were injured but still insisted they attend in their “Civvies.” With 4 coaches and 3 more support staff to ensure the weekend was full of football.
The aim of the camp was to select an 11 player squad for the March Mayhem tournament in London. Eight teams were represented with Coventry Cougars having the most players invited to the camp. In tough weather conditions that are to be expected in the North West of England in February the players went through two 4 hour training sessions as well as individual meetings on the Saturday night.
Becky Rafferty, courtesy of Boom Boom.

Week Nine Powerless Rankings

It’s that time of the week that people look forward to, as we release our latest round of powerless rankings.

It was another week of great football up and down the country given the miserable weather and, as per usual, we had a huge number of games called off due to a ‘waterlogged pitch’. If only teams have grounds men who followed American Football.

Before we begin the list, we should notify people of two teams that are now ineligible from making the list.

Lincoln Colonials and LSBU Spartans have both notified the league that they’ve forfeited all of their remaining games this season and look to re-enter the league next season. Due to the fact that neither team will be playing anymore games, they’re now exempt from making our powerless rankings. We would like to wish them all the best for next season and beyond!

Manchester 'Titan' Their Preparation For 2013

That's "tighten" by the way, oh yes the puns gets worse every day!

The Manchester Titans have had a roller coaster few years, that’s for sure. First was the 10-0 season, which saw them promoted. Then retirements and injuries saw them enter the new season against tougher opposition with a young and inexperienced team. What followed was nothing short of brutal. They finished the 2010 season 0-10, including a whopping loss away at East Kilbride Pirates.

LSBU Spartans Statement

"We, the London South Bank University Spartans coaching staff, regretfully announce that we are forfeiting the remainder of the 2012/13 BUAFL season. The decision was not made lightly, but it became clear that despite our best efforts, we were faced with issues that proved to be insurmountable. All involved with the program, both coaches and players tried to do our best, and we felt that, despite our record, we played hard with the spirit of fair play that should characterise all football games. Unfortunately, our attempts amounted to little more than papering over deep cracks, to the point where we as coaches, we would no longer in good conscience send our players onto the field for fear of their health and safety.

However, we have already begun our preparations for the 2013/14 season, rebuilding the Spartans program in its entirety. We are committed to building a team that will be known as much for their tough, physical play on the field as being community minded off the field. With the support of the LSBU Students' Union Sports Office, a small but dedicated core of committed players, and a coaching staff devoted to turning the Spartans into a sustainable, driven, hardworking team that the University and the wider south London community can be proud of, we look forward creating a team that will be a dominant force in this league for years to come."

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