Tuesday, 7 May 2013

National League Power Rankings

1. Manchester Titans (2-0)
No game for Manchester this week but the 60-0 destruction of the Falcons is still fresh in the memory. They’re sitting pretty here for at least another week.

2. Gateshead Senators (1-0)
No game for the Senators but they move up because of the fall of Farnham. Like the Falcons a few weeks ago, the Knights showed that they may have lost too much of that Premiership experience to prove a significant force in this division. Meanwhile the Senators small squad is one of their strengths. They’re a resilient team and will be tough to beat in the North.
3. Solent Thrashers (1-0)
Well. They tore up our predictions and power rankings. It seems the new name may be a good thing for the Thrashers formerly known as Hampshire. A 24-6 victory over a former Premiership team is a great result. Let’s see them kick on from here.

4. Oxford Saints (0-0)
The Saints are still yet to play so we still can’t gauge them properly.

5. Chester Romans (2-0)
Two wins and two shutouts for Chester is enough for them to invade our power rankings. It may not have been as impressive as the 60-0 rout by Manchester but a 37-0 win over Leicester is a great result for the Romans, who have improved a lot over the off season. The National Division Central is proving to be one of the most competitive divisions in the entire country this year.

6. Bedfordshire Blue Raiders (2-0)
Again, no game this past weekend for the Blue Raiders. 2-0 and a 58:0 points for and against ratio would normally have a team higher but a narrow 6-0 win over the Essex Spartans was padded out by the blowout of Maidstone. They rise one due to the fall of Shropshire.

7. Merseyside Nighthawks (1-0)
We did predict at DC Towers that the Nighthawks would upset a few teams this year, after many of their rookies from last year will have improved with a year’s experience. What we didn’t predict was the 39-7 result against Shropshire. The Revolution are a team somewhat in transition but it’s a great result for Merseyside and they debut on our Power Rankings.

8. Watford Cheetahs (2-0)
No game for the Cheetahs this week but their juniors did grab their first ever win in their debut season, a great 25-24 victory over the South London Renegades. The seniors are 2-0 though and will be looking to continue that form throughout the season.

9. Glasgow Tigers (2-0)
The Tigers followed up their 36-19 win over the Dundee Hurricanes with a great 13-0 win over the Clyde Valley Blackhawks to take them to 2&0. Whether they can continue this with Gateshead and DC in the division remains to be seen but for now they take up a place on our Powers.

10. Shropshire Revolution (2-1)
A 39-7 loss would normally warrant a drop straight off our Power Rankings but the Revolution are a team in transition. It may be harsh on the 2&0 Apache who they’ve knocked out of the Powers but Shropshire are far from done this season. They’re a tough team that fight to the end of every game. They have a balanced offence and a strong defence and will be looking to immediately get back on track after this setback. 


  1. utter shit!

  2. This is truly beyond shit in all honesty!!! I half expected to see the Knights still up on your Top 10 list. A losing team in here at this early stage is a JOKE!!!

    1. But they're not, so what's your point?

    2. There's no losing teams on the list (Revs are still 2-1 if you try to argue them)... If you read your playbook as bad as you read this article then you're probably a poor player on a losing team.

  3. You forgot the 2-0 Bristol Apache...

  4. Always tough at the start of the year, but am surprised you put BBR over Watford.... BBR sneaked past the 0-3 Spartans whilst Watford put good numbers on last years southern finalists.

    1. BBR also beat Watford this weekend...

    2. We don't like to brag...


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