Tuesday, 9 April 2013

BAFANL Premiership North Pre-Season Power Rankings

Just like London buses, our Power Rankings come two at a time! You've already seen the south, so now it's time for everyone from Birmingham and above. With a number of new teams in the mix, EKP will be hoping for more than six games this season! 

1. East Kilbride Pirates
We'll go on record with this now - only an act of God will stop the Pirates waltzing to the divisional title. The strength of their travelling squad is the only question mark over a team that most would consider to be the third best team in UK football.

BAFANL Premiership South Pre-Season Power Rankings

Finally, the BAFANL season returns! It's time for BBQ's and arguments about who had their respective last name first. Boy, how we've missed it! To be fair though, we've had a number of new leagues pop up to keep us occupied, so we've not totally bored.

To kick start the season, our residential rankers from the senior league return to make choices that not everyone agrees with, so sit back, wrap a blanket around you in this cold weather and enjoy the first lot of Premiership Power Rankings. 

1. London Blitz
You can’t doubt that the current champions deserve to be in the top spot heading into the first week of the season. To be honest, barring any major upset,s I can’t imagine they will move from the top spot until they face off against the Warriors at the end of the season. Although we may have to consider results against common opponents to make things interesting at the top. 

We’ve been hearing news of some big retirements for the Blitz and it’ll be down to their first game against the Copenhagen Towers in the EFAF Cup this weekend to see who takes the field again this year. 

GB Lions Interview: Head Coach Wayne Hill

Coach Hill waits with his team before taking the field. Photo c/o Ronnlunds Foto

DC: Congratulations on the win coach, how do you feel after such a historic victory?
I feel very honored. The coaching staff and players have worked extremely hard both on and off the field. And to produce a performance like that against a good Swedish team with some quality athletes is amazing considering we had only 2 practices.

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