Tuesday, 9 April 2013

GB Lions Interview: Head Coach Wayne Hill

Coach Hill waits with his team before taking the field. Photo c/o Ronnlunds Foto

DC: Congratulations on the win coach, how do you feel after such a historic victory?
I feel very honored. The coaching staff and players have worked extremely hard both on and off the field. And to produce a performance like that against a good Swedish team with some quality athletes is amazing considering we had only 2 practices.

DC: How do you feel the team worked in their first competitive action?
I thought we were very slick.  We didn't have a whole lot of mental mistakes which is a credit to the players for being focused and the coaching staff in their preparations and organistion. The one thing that I think helped us the most is how we have bonded as a team.  I think everyone has bonded anthoroughly into our philosophy and vision.

DC: GB appeared to get out of the blocks very quickly in comparison to the Swedish team, why do you think that is?
I am not too sure.  I think we just had a better focus coming into the game.  Players were prepared and were not afraid of taking their opportunities.  We had also done our homework and what we expected from them was what we saw on offence and defence. 

DC: Were you concerned when the offence went 0 for 2 in the opening two red zone appearances?
No not concerned because we had moved the ball so well.  We were driving the ball up and down the field with great success so I had evey faith in us being able to get points on the board.  It however is frustrating we left points on the field.

Coach Hill presents the Bulldog MVP trophy to DMU Defensive Tackle Ike Obialo
DC: You rotated a number of players in towards the end of the game, were you concerned when Sweden drew closer?
No we had a rotation plan and personnel packages and the reason guys are on the squad is because we believe in them.. It was always going to be a close game vs another National Student Programme. You don't select the best players in your country and not find any talent.  Especially with Sweden being a good Footballing nation.  Also, when their starting QB and WR are the stars of their Adult National Programme you know they have big play ability.  I mean they played in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2 years ago.

DC: What is the next stage for the GB University Lions?­­
We need to go through the evaluation process.  I need to discuss with the staff and players on what has gone well and what we need to develop for the future.  Once we know this we can then look at the forward planning.  Also, as part of the National Programme Committee I have to have de-brief and evaluation of my performance and the programme as a whole.  Hopefully that will mean I am still in a job.

Once that is done, we need to share the plans and structure for the programmes development to BUCS, and then hopefully gain their support which will allow us to be entered into the University World Championships next year.

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