Tuesday, 9 April 2013

BAFANL Premiership North Pre-Season Power Rankings

Just like London buses, our Power Rankings come two at a time! You've already seen the south, so now it's time for everyone from Birmingham and above. With a number of new teams in the mix, EKP will be hoping for more than six games this season! 

1. East Kilbride Pirates
We'll go on record with this now - only an act of God will stop the Pirates waltzing to the divisional title. The strength of their travelling squad is the only question mark over a team that most would consider to be the third best team in UK football.
2. Tamworth Phoenix
After a funny old season in 2012, where they must have felt like they'd been relegated back to the old First Division North, Tamworth will be looking to stay on EKP's shoulder and ride their slipstream into the play-offs. Talent-wise, they are almost unrivaled.

3. Yorkshire Rams
A toss up with the Mustangs for third, we went for Yorkshire on the back of a solid defence. Ties were their trademark in 2012, but they should have more success against a wider variety of opposition. Dark horses for the play-offs.

4. Doncaster Mustangs
The Mustangs made the play-offs last year, but at the cost of most of their squad, so much so that they forfeited their game against London Blitz. A relatively easy start for new Head Coach Steve Rains against Nottingham should set them up nicely, however.

5. West Coast Trojans
Last year's beaten finalists in Division One, West Coast have a strong road squad and a great home record. With some serious players on both side of the ball and led by well-known veteran Gary "Baggy" McNey, the Trojans could well be in the mix come August.

6. Lancashire Wolverines
A team that will always be thereabouts given the quality their youth team produces, Lancashire's defence should hold up well against the better quality of opposition. If their offence can flourish, they should be looking at a top half finish.

7. Birmingham Bulls
Another team that struggled with numbers last term, Birmingham should feel that they can be more competitive in a larger, less intense division. If they can get a solid squad together, they have an outside chance of a .500 season.

8. Coventry Jets
The will he, won't he saga over quarterback Joe Brammer seems to still be up in the air, but their young team will be looking to make a step up regardless of QB1's status. The old guard is pretty much a thing of the past for the Jets, and different opposition could bring out the best in the new generation

9. Nottingham Caesars
Nottingham tailed off worryingly in 2012, with their great start long forgotten following heavy defeats to West Coast and Berkshire. Danny Miller's return is still questionable, but even he can only carry the team so far. A three-win team at best.

10. Sheffield Predators
It's going to be tough for the Predators. Yes, they won the Division Two title in 2012, but this is a huge step up for a team that went winless at that level just three seasons ago. It could be worse - they could be in Premier South.


  1. With 5 established Premier teams anything above 6th is a bonus :-)

  2. west coast will do fine. play off capable.

  3. "The strength of their travelling squad is the only question mark over a team that most would consider to be the third best team in UK football" Who are the other two "best" teams?

    1. In my opinion, London Blitz and London Warriors. - TS (Editor)

    2. How would the Belfast Trojans from NI fair against some of those teams? I have seen them play and they look legit.


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