Tuesday, 29 November 2011

BAFANL Exclusive

Following on from our article on Coach Graham Kelly taking on the Head Coaching role at the Tamworth Phoenix yesterday, we secured an exclusive comment from the man of the hour.

Coach Kelly had this to say on his appointment:
"It is both an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to be the Head Coach of Tamworth Phoenix. In five years the Phoenix have enjoyed a meteoric rise from an affiliate team to genuine premiership contenders. The main reason for this achievement is the work put in by the four founding members, Jay Alexander, Ryan Baker, Dave Winter and Ed Winter. Without these four and their commitment to develop in the ‘right way’ this success wouldn’t have happened.

NFL Week 12 Review

After last week’s 10-4 record in my predictions the NFL schedule increased to 16 games again as all of this year’s bye weeks are now complete. Read on to see how I did.

Overall record = 29-15

Thanksgiving Day Games 

GB Packers beat DET Lions by 12 

Original Prediction: The Packers are in for a fight on thanksgiving, but they’ll still win by 9.

My predictions got off to another good start with my prediction of the Packers winning on Thanksgiving. Despite the results this game will be remembered for the selfish behaviour of Ndamukong Suh stamping on a Packers player and deservedly getting ejected, poor judgement from the second year player.

Record = 1-0

MIA Dolphins lost to DAL Cowboys by 1 

Original Prediction: I’m 55-45% certain that the Cowboys will win due to the game being held on thanksgiving, so Dallas by 10. 

My score line may have been way off by my prediction of the winner was spot on. Once again Tony Romo made it hard for Cowboys fans to watch as he threw two early interceptions, fortunately the Cowboys were eventually able to pull off the victory with a Dan Bailey field goal in the closing seconds.

Record = 2-0

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

First off, thanks to all our readers getting us to over 4000 views. We will always endevour to get the latest news from the UK game out first and bring you the exclusives!

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Right, back to the NFL. First off, thankyou Victor Cruz for saving my ass on Fantasy Football. Nine receptions for 157 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nice! However he was still on the losing team as the Gints (deliberate spelling mistake) flopped like Jerome Simpson to 3 straight losses.

Osi "made of glass" Umenyiora sprained his ankle in the game vs the Saints

Talking of Jerome Simpson flopping.. (video included in linked article)

Darren Shaper looks like he might retire. I think it's probably the sight of Marshawn Lynch doing the "Hold ma dick" celebration in last years playoff game that has caused this in some way. 

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