Monday, 30 January 2012

GB Lions Jnr Trial Report

On a freezing cold day in Hertfordshire, 70+  players vying for a spot on the GB Lions Junior roster gathered at the de Havilland campus, home of the BUAFL Hertfordshire Hurricanes, to take part in the latest trials.
Under the watchful gaze of head coach Damien Anderson and his staff, players from around the country were put through their paces with representatives from the Cambridge Cats, London Warriors, London Blitz, Farnham Knights, London Renegades, Bristol Aztecs, Hertfordshire Hurricanes and more making an appearance.

BUAFL Rivalry Week!

This week the stars at BUAFL HQ have aligned in the sky's of the schedule gods and given us a plethora of rivalry games to cover this weekend. To pick but a few:

Edinburgh Predators @ EN Knights
Glasgow Tigers @ UWS Pyros
Sunderland Spartans @ Newcastle Raiders

Leeds Carnegie @ Leeds Celtics
MMU Eagles @ Manchester Tyrants
Sheffield Sabres @ Hallam Warriors

NTU Renegades @ Nottingham Outlaws
Leicester Longhorns @ DMU Falcons
Worcester Royals @ Gloucester Gladiators (Sat 4th)


Bath Spa Bulldogs @ Bath Killer Bees

Exeter Demons @ Plymouth Blitz

Canterbury Chargers @ Kent Falcons 
Anglia Ruskin Phantoms @ Essex Blades
KCL Regents @ Westminster Dragons

Reading Knights @ BNU Buccaneers
Portsmouth Destroyers @ Solent Redhawks

We will be trying to do more in depth coverage of these games to bring the rivalry alive, so if you are a rep of this team please email us with your teams contact details so we can hype your game up!

BUAFL Week Seven Power Rankings - Ranks 1-15

Part two of our rankings sees the return of the BUAFL powerhouse's, a tie in the top 5 and slide for a team who many predicted to win! To remind you, this is how the rankings washed out last time.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0)
The number one team in our power rankings at the end of 2011 start 2012 still atop the leader board. No game for the ‘Canes this week as they kick start their campaign in two weeks’ time in a top 10 matchup against the Kent Falcons, which if they win they will surely cement their place as number 1!

2. Birmingham Lions (5-0)
The only team in the top six who were supposed to have a game this week, unfortunately for all those involved with the Lions, Lincoln ended up forfeiting the game due to injuries. With no game this week Birmingham had plenty of time to train before their game against Derby on the 12th of February. They will obviously be buoyed by an early victory in our Facebook page picture competition!

BUAFL Week Seven Power Rankings - Ranks 16-25

WE’RE BACK! Today see’s the return of the Double Coverage Top 25 Power Rankings! It’s been a while and I’m sure you’ve missed us.

Today we kick start the top 25 with the teams we’ve ranked 16-25. This week saw a lot of teams in the rankings not playing, but there are still some movers and shakers to keep things interesting.

Quick note – Leeds Carnegie drop out of the rankings and the Outlaws are just on the outside looking in (a win next week opens the door to an appearance in our top 25! No pressure!)

16. Glasgow Tigers (3-1)
The first team up is a non mover from last year. This week the Tigers we’re hopefully practicing for next week’s rivalry game against UWS Pyros instead of resting on their laurels. With the Pyros winning this week, we are going to give the Tigers an official upset warning, but we expect Glasgow to win and keep hold of their spot in our power rankings.

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