Monday, 30 January 2012

BUAFL Week Seven Power Rankings - Ranks 16-25

WE’RE BACK! Today see’s the return of the Double Coverage Top 25 Power Rankings! It’s been a while and I’m sure you’ve missed us.

Today we kick start the top 25 with the teams we’ve ranked 16-25. This week saw a lot of teams in the rankings not playing, but there are still some movers and shakers to keep things interesting.

Quick note – Leeds Carnegie drop out of the rankings and the Outlaws are just on the outside looking in (a win next week opens the door to an appearance in our top 25! No pressure!)

16. Glasgow Tigers (3-1)
The first team up is a non mover from last year. This week the Tigers we’re hopefully practicing for next week’s rivalry game against UWS Pyros instead of resting on their laurels. With the Pyros winning this week, we are going to give the Tigers an official upset warning, but we expect Glasgow to win and keep hold of their spot in our power rankings.

17. Stirling Clansmen (3-1)
Looking back at the results, I was reminded that the Clansmen had their last two games cancelled and have been out of action for quite some time. With that 20-0 loss to the Tigers still weighing them down, there’s no doubt that Stirling will need to win all of their remaining games if they want to be playing in the championship playoffs this season.

18. Derby Braves (3-2)
Derby are in a serious battle for the 4th and final playoff spot in the MAC with NTU beating Lincoln last week. No doubt the loss to Notts will be mentioned numerous times on the forums if the Braves can’t make it to the playoffs at the end of the season. Derby have plenty of time to prepare for their next game which takes place on the 12th of Feb against the number 2 team in our power rankings – the Birmingham Lions.

19. Northampton Nemesis (4-0)
They’re still here! The Nemesis remain at the number 19 spot despite not playing a game this weekend. With their next two fixtures against teams with losing records, Northampton could secure a playoff spot before they face an opponent with a winning record. Win the next two game and there’s no doubt that the Nemesis fly up our rankings (we can’t rank a 6-0 team lowly can we?)

20. Exeter Demons (3-1)
Did our SWAC predictor see this result coming? Well he did say “Exeter are not the biggest team in the Conf but they have pace and a tricky single wing offense that will catch out any team not properly prepared and up for the challenge.” The Demons jump up to the number 20 spot whilst blowing the playoff race wide open in the SWAC. Next week’s matchup against the Plymouth Blitz could affect the playoff race even more AND allow the Barracuda back into the hunt after their poor start!

21. Bangor Muddogs (3-1)
Unfortunately for Bangor they move down with the Demons breaking into our top 25 for the first time this season. The Muddogs were inactive this week and according to their next game isn’t until the 12th of Feb against the Leeds Celtics. Hopefully Bangor can keep up their good form in the second half of the season and can reclaim their spot in our top 20 rankings sometime soon.

22. Essex Blades (3-1)
The Blades remain in our top 25 for another week, but move down one spot after Exeter making it into the top 20. With relatively tough competition left on their schedule after their game against Anglia Ruskin this week, we may not see Essex in our top 25 in the future. If they are going to win then their offence will need to start posting big scores to take the pressure off their defence.

23. UEA Pirates (3-2)
Reading the old rankings and saw this comment that made me chuckle “How have you got UEA at 22, and LSBU doesn't make it on the list at all? #realtalk” Firstly please don’t use hash tags when commenting on my articles as they will now be ignored, this isn’t Twitter. Secondly, yes you beat UEA, well done, but they also have more wins, average more points per game and conceded fewer points per game…that’s real talk! Anyway the Pirates have until the 12th of Feb to get ready on their pursuit to the playoffs when they face off against Kings College.

24. Northumbria Mustangs (3-1)
The Borders teams that once again misses out on a spot in our top 20 rankings. In only their third season in BUAFL, the Mustangs look like they could sneak into the championship playoffs with the Clansmen and Glasgow still having to face off against Newcastle. Before they can think of the post season though, the Mustangs need to focus on next week’s matchup against the Durham Saints.

25. Plymouth Blitz (3-2)
The final team in our rankings comfortably dismantled the Bath Spa Bulldogs this week as they ran out to a 30-0 victory. Above .500 for the first time this season, the Blitz extended their win streak to three straight games. After the Demons win over Cardiff, this week’s Blitz-Demons matchup could be the difference in the SWAC come the end of the season.

Make sure you tune in for our 1-15 rankings!


  1. RE: SEC::: UEA outranking LSBU Spartans?????????

    LSBU have played 4 games so far this season and have ONLY got beat by Herts and kent. UEA have played 5, AND LOST TO LSBU! i predict LSBU to make playoffs along with essex blades

  2. It's Northumbria's FOURTH not THIRD season in BUAFL


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