Monday, 30 January 2012

BUAFL Week Seven Power Rankings - Ranks 1-15

Part two of our rankings sees the return of the BUAFL powerhouse's, a tie in the top 5 and slide for a team who many predicted to win! To remind you, this is how the rankings washed out last time.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0)
The number one team in our power rankings at the end of 2011 start 2012 still atop the leader board. No game for the ‘Canes this week as they kick start their campaign in two weeks’ time in a top 10 matchup against the Kent Falcons, which if they win they will surely cement their place as number 1!

2. Birmingham Lions (5-0)
The only team in the top six who were supposed to have a game this week, unfortunately for all those involved with the Lions, Lincoln ended up forfeiting the game due to injuries. With no game this week Birmingham had plenty of time to train before their game against Derby on the 12th of February. They will obviously be buoyed by an early victory in our Facebook page picture competition!
 3t. Portsmouth Destroyers (4-0)
Did Portsmouth play this week? No. Do they remain tied for the third spot in our rankings? Yes. Unlike the other three teams ranked within the top three spots the Destroyers will be playing next week in a rivalry matchup when they face off against the Solent Redhawks. A win for Pompey will keep them in our top three for some time to come. Head Coach Russ Hewitt gave us an exclusive interview last week, check it out here.

3t. Loughborough Aces (5-0)
Just like the three teams above them, the Aces remain cemented to their spot in our power rankings despite not having a game this week. With plenty of time to recover since their last matchup against Derby there’s no doubt in our minds that the Aces should be firing on all cylinders against Leicester on the 12th of Feb.

5. Sheffield Hallam (4-0)
According to various Anon that keeps commenting on our posts, Hallam won’t do well because they’ve got too many injuries to their starters. Until they lose a game, the Warriors will remain in our top five despite not playing. Next week’s matchup against rivals Sheffield will most likely decide the top seed for the Northern Conference.

6. Southampton Stags (5-0)
Someone in our power rankings will have played a game this week, but it’s not the Southampton Stags. Despite having conceded the 5th highest points total in the TVC, Southampton remain at the top spot and with Imperial and Portsmouth still left on the schedule, the Stags will need to rely on their high scoring offence to carry them into the post season.

7. UWE Bullets (5-0)
Normally winning a game and shutting out the opposite team would earn you a lot of praise, but everyone is hating on UWE! Any way a 6-0 win this week keeps UWE at the number 7 spot as they head into their Varsity matchup against the Barracuda next week, even if they were expected to score more.

8. Newcastle Raiders (5-0)
Normally I don’t like to point out comments on our articles (Ed: Like you've done four times in this article?), but this one needs to be pointed out after our predictions guy predicted the Newcastle score “newcastle by only 6 scores?” Well Mr. Anon, I think our predictions guy was closer to the score than you would’ve been! (Newcastle won 26-6). Next week the Raiders face rival opposition the Sunderland Spartans.

9. Kent Falcons (4-0)
And we’re back to teams in our top 10 who didn’t play a game this week! Next week the current number two seed in the SEC face local rivals Canterbury as they try to extend their unbeaten run before hosting Hertfordshire on the 12th of February.

10. Sheffield Sabres (4-0)
The Sabres round off our top 10 this week despite not playing a game this weekend. Continually improving this season, next week’s matchup against Hallam will show if the Sabres are returning back to the top spot in the Northern conference or taking advantage of an easy schedule! Either way it will be a cracking matchup that alters our top 10 rankings.

11. UH Sharks (4-1)
Despite not playing this week Hull move up a spot due to the Cobras narrow loss. Even though they’re not playing next week, the Sharks could end up moving up to the number two spot in the Northern Conference (and our rankings) depending on the outcome of the steel city bowl. Hull’s next game is an away trip to the Leeds Celtics on the 12th of Feb.

12. OBU Panthers (3-1)
If you didn’t read our interview with Coach Hewitt last week, not only did you miss out on a great interview, but you also missed him say OBU have stood out for me, we played them just before Xmas break. A strong fundamentally sound team that really gave us a battle. I’m sure they are on the rise!” This week OBU move up a spot in our rankings thanks to Cardiff. With four relatively easy fixtures remaining on their schedule, OBU could steal a place in the championship playoffs after the Destroyers-Stags matchup.

13. Imperial Immortals (3-1)
Just like the two teams above them, the Immortals find themselves moving up in our power rankings because of the Cobras one point loss to the Demons. Unfortunately looking at the Immortals remaining schedule, this may be the highest point we see them in our 2012 rankings. With OBU, the Stags and Brunel (seriously, the amount of messages and comments I’ve received about this team improving is unreal.) left to play, the Immortals may be in for a tough second half to the season.

14. Cardiff Cobras (3-1)
We finally arrive at the Cardiff Cobras who slide down 3 spots in the first rankings of 2012! When I was first told about the Cardiff result, all I got told was “Cardiff lost to Exeter” followed by “They will slide down” and “Big drop!” Fortunately because they lost by one point on a two point try, the Cobras only slide down three places. With no game next week don’t be surprised to see Cardiff rise again due to teams around them losing.

15. Bradford Bears (3-1-1)
The final team to sneak in our top 15 are the Bears who hold on to their final spot from the end of the 2011 rankings. Next week the rookie team gets to experience their first BUAFL rivalry matchup when they square off against NC whipping boys – Huddersfield Hawks. I wonder if the Bears continue their good form or wilt under the pressure of a big game.

Be sure to tune in next week as rivalry weekend looks set to alter the top 25 in more ways than one!


  1. Where do you get your infomation? Bradford Bears are ranked 15th in the country?! they may be doing well in their division but they lost 62-6 to Derby who aren't even in the 15 who hammered Milton Keynes Pirates last night 58-6!!

  2. Milton Keynes Pirates?...

  3. Was the Derby game in regular season or was it a cross conference game? The Bears look to be the weakest top 15 though.

  4. Derby Braves played a scrimmage game against the Milton Keynes Pathfinders BAFL div 2 senior team yesterday, this was not a BUAFL game.

  5. You are not even allowed to keep and post scores from scrimmages.

  6. Derby 3-2. Bradford 3-1-1. Enough said.

  7. Everyone hates Derby, that's why


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