Thursday, 2 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions - Rivalry edition!: SEC

RIVALRY WEEK! We start at the SEC and will work our way up!

Canterbury Chargers @ Kent Falcons
The battle for Canterbury is played out this weekend, and one thing must be said about inter-town rivalry games is how nice is it for the away team to save on that money, effectively getting 3 away games. Teams all feel the pinch and that little added bonus makes it all the nicer.

Now in true rivalry fashion, I have decided to go for an academic snobbery, as well as football snobbery. So let’s take a look, the Guardian league tables put Kent as 23/119 and Canterbury as 107/119. So I think it’s fair to say Kent win that one.

On to the stuff that really matters, because frankly when did a degree do anything for any one now days?

GB Lions Senior and Junior Trial details. February 4th

If you're heading along to either the GB Senior Open Trial in Bristol on Saturday 4 Feb, or the GB Junior Open Trial in Doncaster, also on Saturday 4 Feb, here's some useful additional info for you.

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