Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lincoln Coaching Staff Steps Down.

Alex Robson - 

"It is official that as of yesterday (01/12/2012) I have resigned my position as Lincoln Colonials HC/OC. This was handed in two weeks ago and I offered to take the team into the Christmas Break. I coached two additional games following the had in date as I did not want to leave the team in a complete mess and have some time to manoeuvre (2 months until their next game)

"I have given 9.5 years to the Colonials and coached every position as well as played a few. 

"The team has no active HC and the DC Warwick Grosvenor has also walked away with me. The moving forward of the team lies with Team President Michael Hansford and his committee.

"I wanted to thank everyone who I have met along my time with the Colonials and shared highs and lows with. Were all part of a brotherhood that has left a small mark on us no matter if were involved for one year or three. I will still be coaching senior ball this summer and concentrating on setting up a Lincoln youth team."

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