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4th and Against - Should The BUAFL Season Begin Later On In The Year

Here at the Double Coverage towers, we like to argue... a lot.

One argument that keeps popping up, is the debate as to whether the uni league should begin later in the year to accommodate for the bad weather. 

In the end, we decided to take the argument to a 4th and against debate. In case you haven't seen a 4th and against debate yet, two writers will argue the topic at hand, one for, one against. Each writer will provide reasoning for their argument, and we allow the readers to comment and decide among themselves as to who is correct.

BAFA Uni Football Week Six Power Rankings

One of the most controversial subjects on Double Coverage are our rankings. 

Every week hoards of people let us know how wrong our rankings are; how Brighton shouldn't there because they are rubbish and how BNU are so much better than their standings. 

The comments do get read and got us thinking about how we could make sure that we are providing an accurate picture of who the best teams in the country are right now.

After a lot of discussion, we have put together a panel of a dozen players, coaches and journalists, each of whom casts a weekly vote to form a better overall representation of the "Top 25" - a true Power Ranking.

- The number in brackets next to the team name is the number of 1st place votes they gained.
- The star next to the team names means that they are a consensus pick (chosen by all 12 voters).

1- Birmingham Lions (5-0) (8)*
2- Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0) (4)*
3- Loughborough (4-0)*
4- Southampton Stags (5-0)*
5- Stirling Clansmen (4-0)*
6- Derby Braves (5-0)*
7- Hull Sharks (4-0)*
8- Sheffield Sabres (4-0)*
9- Bath Killer Bees (4-0)*
10-UWE Bullets (4-1)*
11-UEA Pirates (4-0)*
12-Portsmouth Destoryers (3-0)*
13-Kent Falcons (4-0)*
14-Plymouth Blitz (3-1)*
15-Kingston Cougars (4-1)*
16-NTU Renegades (3-1)*
17-Leeds Carnegie (3-1)*
18-Solent Redhawks (3-2)
19-Brighton Tsunami (3-0)
20-Glasgow Tigers (3-1)
21-UCLan Rams  (2-0)
22-Warwick Wolves (2-1)
23-Bradford Bears (3-2)
24-Hallam Warriors (1-1)
25-Northampton Nemesis (2-2)

Teams that just missed out:  BNU, Leeds and Gloucester

BAFA Uni Week Six Powerless Rankings

After last week’s powerless rankings sparked a lot of debate and comments, we decided to sit back, re-look at the rankings, play a bit of minesweeper due to our short attention spans, then finally decide our final Powerless Rankings of 2012 (it’s been emotional).

*In a voice similar to Bane’s* Let the list, begin...

NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

1.            New England Patriots 10-3 (U3)
If knocking off the previous #1 42-14 doesn’t get you the top spot, I don’t know what will. Congrats to the Pats, who have set themselves up nicely for a post-season run. Their time at the top could be short lived though, with another tough game vs the 49ers coming up Sunday.

2.            Denver Broncos 10-3 (U1)
The Broncos slay the Raiders as expected and climb higher thanks to sub-par performances from our previous top 2. They too have a tough opponent next though, with a trip to Baltimore looming.

3.            Houston Texans 11-2 (D2)
That game was ugly. Whilst it was only their second loss of the season, they have both been extremely lopsided, and both against probable play-off rivals. I still think they are a force to be reckoned with though, and with a much easier home game vs Indy next they should get back to their winning ways.

4.            San Francisco 49ers 9-3-1 (U1)
The Niners handled the Dolphins as expected, assuaging their QB debate for another week. It’s gotten to the stage now where anything less than a SB win will mean Harbaugh made the wrong choice. A difficult position to be in, but having a surplus of capable quarterbacks is something other teams can only dream of.  Next they have the Patriots in what should be a great match-up.

5.            Green Bay Packers 9-4 (U1)
Green Bay win on the frozen tundra vs the Lions, and climb further in our rankings. They definitely seem to be getting hot at just the right time, and this late season rally is remarkably similar to their Superbowl winning year. Next they face the Bears, who they made mincemeat of in their first run in.

NFL Predictions: Week 15

Another very average week with a few upsets and a few silly calls. With just 3 weeks left of the regular season I could do with some big results to get my record into better shape.

Week 14 = 9-7

Overall = 131-78

Thursday Night Football

Bengals @ Eagles
Interesting one as one of these teams won and one lost, but not the way round many expected. Whilst the Bengals failed to win against the Cowboys it was still close, and whenever you have a team pushing for a WC spot this late on you have to back them over one who’s season is all but meaningless.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Bengals by 7

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