Friday, 14 December 2012

BAFA Uni Week Six Powerless Rankings

After last week’s powerless rankings sparked a lot of debate and comments, we decided to sit back, re-look at the rankings, play a bit of minesweeper due to our short attention spans, then finally decide our final Powerless Rankings of 2012 (it’s been emotional).

*In a voice similar to Bane’s* Let the list, begin...

10. Royal Holloway Bears (0-4)
As we pointed out last week, the Bears have had one of the worst opening schedules in recent BUAFL history. At least things look better in the New Year as their first two games are against the Oxford Lancers and Surrey Stingers respectively. We’ll be very surprised if the Bears don’t start 2013 with a bang (and a two game winning streak...)

9. Lancaster Bombers (0-4)
Three games into the season, 0 offensive TD’s, fourth game of the season, quite a lot of offensive TD’s as the Bombers fell to the Derby Braves 68-36 (according to the league, BUCS and Twitter). If the Bombers can learn how to play well on offence and defence in the same game, they should leave our powerless rankings sometime soon.

8. Edinburgh Napier Knights (0-3)
Due to the poor weather, the Knights were unable to play their local derby against the Predators, as the game was postponed to a date to be set in 2013. If the Knights are going to achieve/improve on last year’s 3-5 record, they’ll have to go 3-2 or better in 2013.

7. Wolverhampton Wildcats (0-1)
It’s been a poor first semester for the guys from Wolverhampton. Numerous postponements has lost the team a ton of respect from others around the league. Let’s hope the Wildcats can get some games under their belt in 2013!

6. Teesside Cougars (0-4)
So close, yet so far for the Cougars who ended their 2012 with a two point loss against the Sunderland Spartans. Despite the move to a new conference, it’s the same story for the Cougars as they continue to struggle before settling for one win in the season. However, looking at their remaining schedule, it may be a winless season for the latest batch of Cougars.

5. Oxford Lancers (0-3)
 the first half of their season ending so early, Oxford should have had plenty of time for all of their players to get healthy for the second half of the season. Maybe even recruit a few Americans and flesh out their squad a little and compete in a very tough looking TVC.

4. Bath Spa Bulldogs (0-4)
A 54-16 loss against the Swansea Titans condemned the Bulldogs to a winless record at the end of the first half of the season. With teams like Worcester still on their schedule, Bath Spa may find a way off our rankings in 2013, but for that to happen, the team will have to sort out their defence which is currently ranked bottom in the league

3. Surrey Stingers (0-4)
It was very difficult putting the Stingers only at the number three spot following their forfeited loss against the Destroyers last weekend. Normally, we’d put the team lower, but they manage to avoid the number one spot. Anymore forfeits in 2013, and it may be time for the team to call it quits.

Before anyone jumps on our backs about telling teams to fold, do you think it’s fair that teams who are organised have to miss a game due to other teams around the league not having their butts in gear?

2. Worcester Royals (0-3)
A 67-0 loss against a winless Exeter Demons team? Not good Worcester, not good...Many thought that the Royals may win a game this season following their switch from the MAC to the SWAC, but with three games in their season already completed, the Royals still remain as one of the basement teams in their conference. Unless the Royals receive a Christmas miracle in the next few weeks, we can’t see their losing streak ending any time soon. It currently sits at 27 consecutive losses...

1. DMU Falcons (0-4)
When your points scored record is still at 0 despite being four games into the season, you know you’re having a bad season. Had their game against Wolverhampton gone ahead DMU probably wouldn’t be the number one team in our powerless rankings, but it didn’t. Therefore, DMU, you end 2012 bottom of all the Uni league rankings! SHAME! (ED: I've already warned you once about using other peoples catch phrases!)


  1. wheres Bangor????!?!?!

    1. Its in North Wales, right next to England just off the A55. Problem?

  2. I love reading these rankings :)

  3. Where is Durham? its common knowledge that they are shit

  4. "Many thought that the Royals may win a game this season following their switch from the MAC to the SWAC,"

    Why would anybody think this? Perhaps they were confused by strength of depth and strength of top two teams?


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