Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Top 5 BUAFL Conferences

After the Northern conference dominated our power rankings this week, I decided to dedicate this week’s top 5 on our beloved BUAFL conferences.

These rankings are based on this the combination of this year’s performance, as well as including
Firstly there’s the one conference that didn’t make it into our rankings, everyone not associated with the conference will agree with the decision but the players/coaches who are involved in the conference will think it’s the wrong decision.

The conference that misses out on our top 5 is...the Borders conference.

Yes the Borders conference has teams that look like they are dominating, but when you play a weaker university three times a year it’s no wonder they continually post big scores.

Until this conference divides or starts to have more competitive schedules, the Borders conference will continue to get shown little respect from the Dbl Coverage crew (sorry guys!).


 Photo Courtesy of Ian Goode

If this top 5 was released at the end of the BUAFL season last year the SWAC would be much higher. Unfortunately the SWAC seem to be under performing compared to what we saw last year.

I’m not sure whether defences in the SWAC have really stepped up or there are a lot of bad offences being used in this conference, but when Bath Spa Bulldogs are you’re highest scoring team with 46, you know the power house uni’s may be starting to lose their status as top dogs in the south west.

With no team yet to establish themselves, the battle for top spot is up for grabs and everyone has a chance of taking the crown.

Dbl Coverage prediction: (Championship playoffs) Cardiff and UWE (Challenge Trophy Playoffs) Barracuda and the winner of the Bath – Bath Spa matchup.

4. SEC 

Photo Courtesy of Gary Neesam
Let’s be honest, if you removed Hertfordshire and Kent from this conference then it would be pretty poor, in fact it would be a very poor decision with the quality of the teams left. Yes I know Greenwich had an amazing unbeaten season in 2009 ending with the plate trophy but what have they done since then?

I think the biggest problem for the SEC is that there seems to be numerous first or second year teams in the conference who’ve yet to establish themselves in BUAFL. Once they develop into good teams with plenty of depth this conference could rise again.

With the battle for the top two places all but over (Essex are hanging in there), all of the other teams now have to try and beat each other to earn the number 3 and 4 seeds in the league.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: (Championship Playoffs) Herts and Kent (Challenge Trophy Playoffs) Essex and Greenwich.

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour round up

Your daily morning update on news from around the NFL.

Ndamokung Suh has taken too many blows to the head and thinks the Lions are at the same level as the Packers

Big Ben looks set to play for the Steelers even though he has a fractured thumb (Jay Cutler, pay attention)

The Broncos cut Orton and the Bears have shown interest, but face competition from other teams.

Tom Coughlin has exceeded expectations this year, but could still be fired at the end of the season.

Jim Harbaugh may be feeling the pressure as the Har-bowl buildup starts to get a head of steam

The Hall Of Fame announced the semi finalists for this year. Bill Parcells and Jerome Bettis make it in their first year of eligibility.

Tashard Choice is cut by teh Redskins after failing to impress against his former team.

Tim Tebow isn't going to stop talking about Jesus anytime soon

Mark Sanchez is still deluded

DeSean Jackson has a bruised foot and not a lisfrac sprain

That'll do for today!

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