Monday, 20 February 2012

Week 10 Power Rankings: Rankings 1-15

The movers and shakers continue as we now see two - yes, two - rookie teams enter our top 15 and a new number one!

1. Birmingham Lions (6-0)
And your new number one team in the country is the Birmingham Lions! We’re guessing that everyone involved in britball will say that the Lions deserve to be on the top spot after their eight point victory over the number three team in our rankings. Birmingham will need to remain focused for the task at hand as they head to Warwick next week.

2. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (6-0)
Do Herts deserve to drop down this week? They'll probably feel hard done by, but because the Lions beating the number three team in our rankings and the Canes not having yet played a team of high quality, Hertfordshire drop down because of bad luck from the weather. Not to worry though as Gareth Davies gets extra praise for causing this fantastic moment! 

Week 10 Power Rankings: Rankings 16-25

2012 – Year of the upset – Nothing else needs to be said for this week’s rankings – That is all.

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