Monday, 20 February 2012

Week 10 Power Rankings: Rankings 16-25

2012 – Year of the upset – Nothing else needs to be said for this week’s rankings – That is all.

16. Kent Falcons (4-1)
The first team on our Rankings see’s the Falcons slide down from a spot in the top 10 to the number 16 spot! Kent’s slim SEC division crown hopes were ended as they were strangled into submission by the Cambridge Pythons in the last upset we could report on. Kent now needs to regroup and focus on Kings College so they don’t lose to a 2-3 team for the second straight week.

 17. Exeter Demons (4-2)
We’re coining the term ‘DemonMagic’ as the Demons once again pulled off the one point upset victory over a top tier in the SWAC! Down nine, eleven seconds left on the clock, Exeter somehow scored a TD, recovered the onside kick and then Jamie ‘Prater’ Sancto nailed the 48 yard field goal for the game winning score! If it wasn’t for an early season loss to the Barracuda, Exeter would be battling for the SWAC crown.
18. Essex Blades (4-1)
The Blades took a huge step forward this week as they pulled out the three point victory over UEA Pirates to take a strangle hold of the number three spot in the SEC. Essex could still end up finishing in the number two spot with an easier schedule than Kent, but first, the Blades will need to overcome Brunel at the weekend.

19. Plymouth Blitz (4-2)
It’s seems like an eternity since the Blitz last played, but it’s only been two weeks and counting…Fortunately for the Plymouth players they return action with a midweek game against Bath Killer Bees. Will the Blitz have lost momentum after the long layoff or will they continue in their pursuit for a Championship playoff spot?

20. Northumbria Mustangs (5-1)
The other Borders team of late now move to 5-1, but remain in only 20 due to other results happening around the league. With their latest victory, the Mustangs remain on course to improve on last year’s 6-2 record. Northumbria will face off against Stirling next weekend in a game which will decide the final Championship playoff in the Borders conference!

21. Imperial Immortals (4-2)
Imperial continued their march towards the playoffs with a two point victory of the Brunel Burners. If the season finished as it stands, the Immortals would be the team in the TVC on the outside looking in, but a victory over the resurgent Solent Redhawks will show if Imperial can continue their hunt for a playoff spot.

22. Reading Knights (4-2)
If we’re honest, we saw the Knights earlier in the season and didn’t think they’d make the Power Rankings despite abusing the Worcester Royals. Fast forward a few weeks and all of a sudden the Knights are in with a real shot of making the Championship playoffs. In their biggest game of the season, Reading host the OBU Panthers with the winner most likely ending up in the number two spot after the Knights victory over Portsmouth.

23. NTU Renegades (3-2)
For a team whose offence usually gets criticized, NTU are actually the third highest scoring team in the MAC. Despite beating the Worcester Royals 70-0, we believe it may be a one and done for the Renegades in our rankings as they still have DMU, the Outlaws and the Loughborough Aces left on the schedule.

24. York Centurions (4-1)
York is 4-1 despite having a point’s difference of minus 21 through five games. Their latest victory absolutely blew our prediction out of the water as the Centurions beat the previously ranked Derby Braves 8-0. In any other conference York would be a good bet to make the playoffs, but stuck in the Northern Conference and Hull next on the schedule, the York dream may come to an end soon.

25. Portsmouth Destroyers (4-2)
Normally when a title challenger loses two straight games people will ask questions like “what’s happened to Portsmouth” but not with these Destroyers. After all of their talk on the forums, the Portsmouth Destroyers are feeling the brunt of the abuse from the britball community as their downward spiral continues. All we will say is next week’s game against the Stags is a must win game!

Be sure to tune in for part two of our power rankings and a major announcement with regards to our rankings!


  1. 48 yarder to win it?! Impressive effort.

  2. Wot no Pythons?

    1. we will see next week as they dispatch their next rivals to a plate place.

    2. Hard to justify a 3-3 team in the top 25 even if recent form suggests it would be deserving

  3. William 'Ironballs' Obubo20 February 2012 at 17:01

    Destroyers drop this low? WOW


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