Saturday, 6 April 2013

Shamrock Bowl Conference Preview

Fixtures! The downpour has let up long enough for there to be some football to be played! 


It’ll be hard to find a team chomping at the bit more than the Cork Admirals who are yet to kick off their season after postponements. Their game at UCD is an intriguing one.

These two should have squared off previously had the match not been called off because of the weather, a match that would have told us more about where these two are heading in the season. The Admirals have very much kept themselves to themselves this off season and not much news has come out of Cork whereas UCD have only played one game, a very solid 11-0 loss to the UL Vikings, which showed off a stubborn defence.

UCD will be looking to take the game to the Admirals - photo by Ariane Boudias

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