Sunday, 17 March 2013

Fact me up Scotty!

Some random facts for your enjoyment.

  • Birmingham, the #5 ranked team according to the official rankings, defeated the #2 (Derby) , #4 (Stirling) and #12 (Leeds Met) seeds en route to the final. Double Coverage had them ranked either #1 (on the RP poll) or #2 (on the writers poll)
  • Birmingham are the only team in Uni Football history to make five consecutive finals.
  • No team has ever lost three finals in a row. Birmingham would be the first if they fail to win next weekend.
  • Hertfordshire will win their sixth championship if they win on Sunday. They currently lead with five overall, Southampton and Hull have four (Hull have a shared title with Cardiff after a horrible game in 1988), Birmingham and Loughborough have three.
  • The last teams to face each other in back to back finals were Loughborough and Oxford (Cavaliers) in the 2001 and 2002 finals. Oxford won in 2001 (26-23) and Loughborough won in 2002 (39-22).
  • Hertfordshire and Birmingham have both been to six finals each, with this weekend being the 7th for each program. Hertfordshire have a record of 5-1 and Birmingham have a record of 3-3.
  • In the Challenge trophy this will be the first time a TVC team has played a team from the MAC. In fact, it will be the first time a team from either division has made it to the final!
  • Southampton have never lost a final when they get to the big game, with an impressive 4-0 record.
  • This is the first time NTU have made a final since the single institution split in 09/10. This is also the first time they will play Southampton, another team the was split with the formation of Solent.
  • NTU have made the Challenge trophy semi finals twice and lost to SWAC teams. They did not face a SWAC team in the post season this year.

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