Thursday, 9 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions: SWAC

UWE Bullets @ Bristol Barracuda
Last year the Cuda were the better team and lost on the day, this is typical of this fixture with no compromise from either team. Before Christmas Cuda were poor but with inexperience at key spots, the good coaching set up seems to be making improvements.

UWE appear to have a top quality defence with and offence that can get the job done against most teams. This will be closer than many will think.
UWE by 2 scores

BUAFL Predictions: TVC

Surrey Stingers @ Portsmouth Destroyers
The 0-4 Stingers return to BUAFL football this weekend with a trip to the reigning champions. If Surrey are going to try and keep this game close then the Stingers offence, currently averaging 4.5 points per game will need to try and find some sort of rhythm to keep the poor Stingers defence off the field for long periods of the game.

The Destroyers, still reeling from last weekend’s upset loss at the hands of the Solent now get the opportunity to take their anger out on the whipping boys of the TVC. With the Destroyers now in a battle to hold on the second seed in the TVC, its games like these that Portsmouth should be handling with relative ease.
Blowout victory for Portsmouth as they win by 5 scores.

BUAFL Predictions: SEC


KCL Regents @ UEA Pirates
With no games being played in the SEC this past week, all of my predictions can now be brought forward to the rescheduled games, if they get played!

UEA have been around for years and years, while the Regents are a young team, they have the potential to improve in the coming years. I can’t help but notice UA have had somewhat of a soft schedule up to now. The only comparable team they have played were LSBU and they were beaten by them. Lincoln and ARU both feature on the top 10 worst teams in BUAFL and make up for the majority of the team’s offensive scores, with the offense struggling vs both Herts and LSBU. All things considered, I just don’t see Kings causing an upset, but it may be tighter than you think. 
UEA by 2 TDs

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