Thursday, 9 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions: SWAC

UWE Bullets @ Bristol Barracuda
Last year the Cuda were the better team and lost on the day, this is typical of this fixture with no compromise from either team. Before Christmas Cuda were poor but with inexperience at key spots, the good coaching set up seems to be making improvements.

UWE appear to have a top quality defence with and offence that can get the job done against most teams. This will be closer than many will think.
UWE by 2 scores

Tarannau @ Cardiff Cobras
The Welsh Bowl is usually a tough hard hitting slug fest which in recent times has been very close. The Cobras however are still on a 14 year streak of retaining the Welsh Bowl. Aber, this year, have been poor on offense and ordinary on D and don’t look like pulling up any trees barring a hueg turn around.

The Cobras looked impressive before Christmas but tripped up at the Demons, a result which was put into more puzzling context when the Blitz over powered the Demons this week. Cobras would want to see a bounce back with a comprehensive victory, normally the Welsh Bowl would not be a good place to start that process but Aber are poor.
Cobras by 2-3 scores.

Worcester Royals @ Bath Spa Bulldogs
Just like Tarranau and Gloucester, bath Spa have struggled to stop the haemorrhaging of points by their defence, but unlike their fellow SWAC bottom dwellers they seem to be able to score some points (although 40 of their 54 came against Gloucester).

Worcester on the other hand seem incapable of doing anything right. Having been handed one of the softest schedules of any team in the BUAFL, they have struggled to put points on the board and their defence has also been poor, conceding over 190 points!
Bath Spa to win by a score, but this could be Worcester first ever BUAFL win.

Swansea Titans @ Gloucester Gladiators
Gloucester along with Aber are the weakest team in the SWAC. They haven’t fared well in the SWAC and look even weaker this year because of a large turnover in players.

Swansea have size and are looking better than ever before,  having only lost their three games by seven points on average. They will be hoping to have a good second half of the season and that the teams at the top half of the table slip up.
Swansea by two scores

Exeter Demons @ Bath Killer Bees
Exeter, fresh from beating the Cobras, were undone by the Blitz power game last weekend and it will be interesting to see how they respond against the tough to beat Killer Bees. Will the Killer Bees be able to over power them in the same way Plymouth did?

Both teams seasons hang in the balance and a win could really secure their tilt at the post season. Lose and we will be waiting another week to see who establishes themselves in the SWAC plate championship race.
Demons to win by two scores


  1. You talk about the Welsh Bowl. But it would be nice if a actual Welsh Bowl existed and the 4 Welsh teams could play in it? The two northern teams Bangor and Aber and the two southern teams and then the winners play each other for the cup! and the losers play (to not get) the wooden spoon =]

  2. Worcester Royals @ Bath Spa Bulldogs game is cancelled, you guys predict them anyway?

  3. Don't know if you're trolling or not, 'The Welsh Bowl' will always be between Cardiff and Aber, regardless of how many Welsh teams there are in BUAFL. It is what it is - like the 'Calcutta Cup' having nothing anymore to do with India!

    What I think WOULD be great would be an All-Welsh competition of some sort. But it shouldn't be called the Welsh Bowl, IMHO. Personally, I like the idea of a North (Bangor and Aber) v South (Swansea and Cardiff) representative match...


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