Thursday, 9 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions: SEC


KCL Regents @ UEA Pirates
With no games being played in the SEC this past week, all of my predictions can now be brought forward to the rescheduled games, if they get played!

UEA have been around for years and years, while the Regents are a young team, they have the potential to improve in the coming years. I can’t help but notice UA have had somewhat of a soft schedule up to now. The only comparable team they have played were LSBU and they were beaten by them. Lincoln and ARU both feature on the top 10 worst teams in BUAFL and make up for the majority of the team’s offensive scores, with the offense struggling vs both Herts and LSBU. All things considered, I just don’t see Kings causing an upset, but it may be tighter than you think. 
UEA by 2 TDs

Hertfordshire Hurricanes @ Kent Falcons
The game of the week in the SEC, no doubt about it. I have talked up this game, as it most definitely decides the conference winner and it has some big implications across the league. The SEC has received the lovely accolade of being the Dog S*** Conference (DSC anyone?), and Herts have been kindly called a diamond in the turd, with the coveted BUAFL crown being pre-emptively cemented a little more onto their heads with the defeat of the reigning champions the Destroyers.

This game looks to have the potential of an offensive shootout. With the rather obvious point (but no less prevalent) of whoever can score the most points win. Kent have been racking up the points this season utilising their American QB, Herts on the other hand are developing the home grown talent and GB potential Joe Thompson. Thompson has been connecting all year with his Farnham teammate Dominic Husbands and Nicholas Bagnall and the trend doesn’t look to change in this upcoming game. With a defensive lapse against Greenwich, the Falcons may have a hard time containing a potent passing game, with the added dimension of Blitz Offensive MVP Temi Oduyemi in at RB.
Herts by 4 scores

Greenwich Mariners @ Canterbury Chargers 
Both teams coming off cancelled fixtures I’m sure this week will be all the more hard hitting. Let’s hope players have managed to contain what I call lack-of football rage. You know when you haven’t played in a while, and you’re walking down the street and you think how sweet you could tackle that little chav who is playing obnoxious music out of his phone? Ok, just me. 

Anyway... Greenwich are looking towards the plate championships, but they must take things day by day. As long as they stay focused, I don’t see the Chargers winning this one. I think it will be the Mariners defence who give them the edge on the day, with both offences seeming as potent as each other. 
Greenwich by 2TDs (cos frankly, who kicks field goals anymore!)

Essex Blades @ Brighton Tsunami 
I think Brighton might hope they would be in a better position at this point in the year, and Essex have had a bit of a lopsided schedule. Two easy wins vs rookie teams, a ginger stepchild-esque beating by Herts and a close fought battle with Greenwich. Their misdirection offence relies on over pursuit of the ball from the defence, this is something that as the year goes on teams manage to deal with better.

I’m going to call Brighton to win this one, if the Hawks can down the almighty Portsmouth, anything is possible (ok maybe not ARU beating Hertfordshire, that’s pretty much impossible, unless they play the Hertfordshire Bowls Club, and my money might still be on the Bowlers). 
Brighton by 1 TD in a tense 4th quarter decider.

Cambridge Pythons @ LSBU Spartans LSBU must be looking upwards after their tough schedule pre Christmas. Taking on the high flying Falcons and top of the table Hertfordshire in two thumpings. They have however shown that they are more than capable of putting the hurting on teams in the middle of the pack thumping UEA as well as beating down on KCL.

Cambridge have struggled through their first season in teh BUAFl with the only bright spot being a slim win over ARU (well, a slim win for a team beating ARU...) they have shown promise and will look to build on their first season, but they will undoubtable struggle against the slightly more experienced Spartans.
King Leonidas and co by 2 scores

Westminster Dragons @ Anglia Ruskin Phantoms
Westminster are one of the two new comers in the SEC, and with a win under their belt already, come into the game vs ARU in better stead than the Pythons. The Pythons beat ARU in a close game and I think Westminster shouldn’t have any trouble dispatching the Phantoms. 
Hopefully they are capable of fielding a squad for the game, in what I’m sure will give everyone playing time and room to learn. 
Westminster by 2 TDs.


  1. UEA will win by far more than 2TD's against KCL.

  2. Shame the game is cancelled though; UEA would have won impressively.


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