Monday, 13 February 2012

Week Nine Power Rankings: Rankings 1-15

Part two sees a lot of teams affected by the weather, a new team in our rankings due to the loss of a former top 15 team and a rookie team continuing to rise!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0)
Another week, another cancelled game for the Hertfordshire Hurricanes as their game against Kent was postponed due to the poor weather. Other than the fact they have yet to play in 2012, there’s nothing extra to add about the Canes without repeating what I’ve said other the last few weeks. Hopefully this weekend’s game against Brighton can go ahead.

2. Birmingham Lions (5-0)
As we revealed on our Facebook page (albeit before the teams did), the Lions game against the Braves was eventually called off. Just like the team above them, Birmingham hasn’t played a game in 2012 meaning there isn’t much more to add. In case you didn’t know, this Saturday see’s the #2 team take on the #3 team in our power rankings. BIG GAME!

BUAFL Week Nine Power Rankings: Rankings 16-25

 *Sigh* I don’t know about you guys, but all of us at Double Coverage are fed up of the damn snow! For the second week straight a lot of the weekend’s games fell victim to the weather, but we still had enough games go ahead to cause some moves on our power rankings!

Anyway, onwards to the rankings!

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