Monday, 13 February 2012

Week Nine Power Rankings: Rankings 1-15

Part two sees a lot of teams affected by the weather, a new team in our rankings due to the loss of a former top 15 team and a rookie team continuing to rise!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0)
Another week, another cancelled game for the Hertfordshire Hurricanes as their game against Kent was postponed due to the poor weather. Other than the fact they have yet to play in 2012, there’s nothing extra to add about the Canes without repeating what I’ve said other the last few weeks. Hopefully this weekend’s game against Brighton can go ahead.

2. Birmingham Lions (5-0)
As we revealed on our Facebook page (albeit before the teams did), the Lions game against the Braves was eventually called off. Just like the team above them, Birmingham hasn’t played a game in 2012 meaning there isn’t much more to add. In case you didn’t know, this Saturday see’s the #2 team take on the #3 team in our power rankings. BIG GAME!

3. Loughborough Aces (5-0)
Did the Aces play a game this weekend? Don’t be silly! Loughborough’s game against the Longhorns was, like many games at the weekend, a victim of the poor weather. Not to worry though as this postponement gave Loughborough more time to prepare for their big game on Saturday. Could the Aces be sitting at the number 1 or 2 spot this time next week?

4. Hallam Warriors (4-0)
Eventually someone in our top 5 will have played this year, but once again, it won’t be the Hallam Warriors. With more and more games getting postponed for the Warriors, there is a distinct possibility that they may not be able to complete of their games within the regular season. This weekend Hallam takes on the Manchester Tyrants.

5. Southampton Stags (6-0)
Finally! A team that played a game at the weekend. Southampton are the first of the three 6-0 teams to feature on our power rankings after comprehensively beating Imperial this Sunday. If any doubted whether the Stags are back to where they belong, a 23-0 victory over another playoff hopeful team should silence them.

6. UWE Bullets (6-0)
Just like London buses, we wait ages for a team who played a game to come along and then two come straight away. With their Varsity win over local rivals the ‘Cuda, UWE not only proved they’re the number one team in Bristol, but the Bullets also secured a spot in the playoffs for another year!

7. Newcastle Raiders (6-0)
Despite comfortably man handling the Napier Knights, the Raiders defence conceded more points in this game than they had done all season. Nevertheless Newcastle remains unbeaten and look set to advance to the Championship playoffs once again. Their game against Glasgow in two weeks’ time looks as if it will decide the Borders champion.

8. Kent Falcons (4-0)
And just like that we are back to a team who had their game postponed this weekend. Despite their best efforts to get play their game against Hertfordshire, the game was ultimately called off and the Falcons are still yet to play a game in 2012. This weekend the Falcons host the Cambridge Pythons who will be full of confidence after their victory over LSBU.

9. Sheffield Sabres (5-0)
For the time being, the Sabres can say they’re the best team in the Northern conference as they’re sitting atop of the pile. Some people may say the Sabres should have moved up this weekend considering the Falcons haven’t played in a while, but a less than stellar victory over a 17-man Tyrants team keep Sheffield at the number 9 spot for another week.

10. Hull Sharks (4-1)
The Sharks remain at the number 10 spot this week despite their game against the Celtics being called off. Hull will be hoping to continue their pursuit of a Championship playoff spot when they (hopefully) take on the MMU Eagles this weekend.

11. Portsmouth Destroyers (4-1)
Just like many other teams on this list, the Destroyers had their game called off at the last minute despite all of the best efforts of everyone involved within the teams (Ed: You can tell at this point he is running out of ways to say this lol). However, the postponement may have been a blessing in disguise, as it gives the Destroyers another week to build up their anger because of the loss to Solent. Portsmouth may just be firing on all cylinders when they take on Reading at the weekend.

12. OBU Panthers (3-1)
Once again, OBU have fallen victim to the weather as their game against the Brunel Burners was postponed. With the Immortals falling at the hands of Southampton, the Panthers now look comfortable to make the playoffs this season.

13. Bradford Bears (4-1-1)
Despite being 4-1-1, Bradford are somehow below a 3-1-1 team in their conference (BUAFL logic!), but the Bears keep moving up our power rankings! This might be down to the fact that the Immortals lost this weekend. A win this weekend over Lancaster will keep the Bears in the playoff hunt.

14. Cardiff Cobras (3-1)
Cardiff finds themselves moving up in our rankings this weekend because of the Imperial loss. With the Welsh Bowl called off due to the weather, it will be three weeks since the Cobras last played a game (their loss to Exeter) and it’ll be interesting to see if Cardiff are still rusty after shock defeat.

15. Glasgow Tigers (4-1)
The Tigers have finally jumped up into our top 15 despite not playing this weekend (and an early season win over Stirling keeping them above the Clansmen). If Glasgow wants to remain in the Borders title hunt, as well as our top 15, then they will need to beat Edinburgh Napier Knights this coming weekend.

Hopefully this time next week all (ambitious, we know) of the weekend’s games would have gone ahead and we will have a power ranking which has seen some movers and shakers!

Rankings 16-25 can be found here


  1. What is the key to Bradford's success? Didn't even know the city had a uni let alone a football team

    1. I think it shows how much of a player/talent-driven league BUAFL is. Bradford have the same coaches as Huddersfield had for the past three years, but I guess you can't polish a turd. Even having seen Bradford just once, I can safely say that they don't look like a rookie team, while Huddersfield (again, just on one showing) are as poor - if not worse - than before.

    2. Having played for Huddersfield under the Bradford coaches, I would lean towards agreeing with you, but with a caveat. I would say that Bradford have a lot more natural athletes and a better work ethic than we ever had at Huddersfield, but I wouldn't call us a "turd".

      Under Coaches Handby, Deeley and Pawson, we went from an 0-8 team to a 6-9 team (over a two year period), plus a friendly win over a good Carnegie side and a weather-tie against Derby. OK, we weren't a play-off team, and we had a core of players with two/three years experience and we were gradually improving. After the last of those three left at the end of last season, they have become a team without a win or even a point thus far in 2011/12. Coincidence?

      So yes, it does depend a lot on the talent at your disposal, but talent in this sport comes from hard work and good coaching.

  2. Sabres shouldn't be in the top 10. If the Tyrants had even 25 players they would have won the game. Considering that with less than a minute to go it was only 6-2.

    1. and their starting QB

  3. how comes pompey loose one game drop to 11th and the top 3 teams dont play games in god knows how long and there no shift for them look at uwe and stags both 6-0 one win away from play off championship football. yet hallam sit above them both 4-0 regardless of how great there points scored are.

    1. I think the justification for this is probably that you're looking at power rankings...not the league table.

      A team that is 4-0 can still be a stronger team than a 6-0 team, which is what Power Rankings are about...


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