Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BUAFL Game Report: Let's talk about SEC baby!

Yet another excellent game report written by Charlie Harris of UEA.

BUAFL: The South Coast Triumvirate

By now most people are aware of the teams, three perennial playoff contenders who between them have accounted for three of the last seven BCAFL/BUAFL Championships. But the complex rivalry between the three sides is more than just a case of familiarity breeding contempt; leading coaches from all three staffs have played/coached and in some cases lived together.

BUAFL Match report: Solent's Run Continues

The BNU Buccaneers took a small squad ravaged by injuries to the in form Solent Redhawks last Sunday to try and kick start their season. With the regular season starting to enter the final straight in the BUAFL's most competitive conference, all was on the line.

Both teams are full of quality, but had come away unlucky losers in a few of their contests.  BNU sitting with a record of 2-3 having lost some cracking matches like the 52-48 shootout with the undefeated Southampton Stags.  Solent were looking to build on their form after toppling the national champions and were hunting for a 4th win in a row.

BNU wore a special number 79 decal on their helmets in Solent red and white in memory of fallen Redhawk Rich Baker.

BAFANL: The Rule Changes – What you need to know.

Every year BUAFL adopt most of the rule changes from the previous year’s NCAA competition. BAFANL are even quicker on the uptake in that they adopt the rules a couple of months after the NCAA is over. There have been some significant rule changes, so make sure you’re clued up before you take the field come October this year, or even sooner come April.

Top 5 upsets of the season (so far)

With the year of the upset getting into full swing, this week’s top 5 looks at the best upsets of the season so far. With there being quite a lot of upset’s in this year’s BUAFL season, we can’t mention all the games (such as Exeter beating Cardiff, Leeds beating the unbeaten Sabres and Reading beating Pompey), but nevertheless – let’s head on to the games that didn’t quite make the cut!

Glasgow Tigers 0 - 7 EN Knights – Up until last weekend, the Glasgow Tigers seemed to be destined for a spot in the championship playoffs whilst the 1-4 Knights seemed to be heading for a sub .500 season, but then the Knights pulled off the shock upset victory to claim their second win of the season and all but ended the Tigers hopes of making the championship playoffs. This was also the first time Glasgow had been shutout this season.

Sunderland Spartans 20 - 28 UWS Pyros – After seasons of going winless, who seriously expected UWS to upset the 2-2 (now 3-4) Sunderland Spartans? We certainly didn’t so we were very surprised when we saw this overtime result. With the Teesside Cougars left on the schedule, the Pyros could end up finishing with a 2-6 record, whilst the best the Spartans can hope for is 4-4.

BUAFL Match report: SEC Upset!

The garden of England provided a beautiful day for Football when the 2-3 Cambridge Pythons travelled to Canterbury to face the 4-0 Kent Falcons on Sunday. The Falcons were heavily favoured going into the game, with an undefeated streak at home that stretches back to 2010, whilst the Pythons had their tails up  following  a dramatic fourth quarter victory against LSBU the week before.

BUAFL Midweek Predictions

Predictions for the midweek games taking place today.

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